UDP Vision data killing our SmartDashboard?

Hello everyone,

So last week we got vision tracking working on a raspberry pi, and we’re using UDP to send the data over to the roborio for vision targeting. So far everything works great. Values are being sent and received, and the robot can rotate to adjust for aiming on it’s own. The only problem is that all of the sudden my SmartDashboard write outs are not showing up anymore. I had a field writing out my rotation from a navxMXP gyro as well as one for a magnetic encoder. Those don’t update anymore. Anyone want to take a crack at this? Here is our code.

-Cinnamon Toast

The method that sends the data is commented out in Robot.java

Wow didn’t catch that. From what I recall though, we did that for other purposes and they still weren’t sending out values even when they were un commented. I’ll re deploy and let you know if the problems persist.

Sorry for wasting your time on that one. I commented those lines out originally just because they weren’t being used and they worn’t working when we had buggy UDP code. Now that the UDP isn’t working, it’s not stalling teleop like it was before. Thanks for catching my stupid mistake!