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Name: Amanda Morrison
Date Honored: 11-14-2005
Years involved w/FIRST: 5
FIRST Team(s): Beatty International/City of Hammond/PEPSI Americas &, School City of Hammond (0071), NASA/Ball State University & Indiana Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Humanities (1020), NASA / Ball State University &, Muncie-Delaware County Schools (1720)
Role: Administrative Mentor
Quote: “The question isn’t who’s going to let me, it’s who’s going to stop me.” - Ayn Rand
Bio: Amanda Morrison has been involved in many facets of FIRST over the past 5 years. Amanda described her various roles in FIRST for us. “When I started in FIRST, I was little more than a moral support cheerleader. After a while, I found my niche helping out with team planning and organization. On 1720, I am serving as an advisor to the team’s administrators, helping out with team logistics, and mentoring students working on our award submissions, as well as preparing the team for competitions. I work with a lot of smaller projects, such as the CollegiateFIRST website, the IndianaFIRST website and organization, and help to plan the Boilermaker Regional and the Indiana Robotics Invitational.”

Amanda’s favorite FIRST memory comes from her first season as a mentor. “The first year I was a mentor, I had a lot of trouble fitting into that role. I still wanted to be a kid, and in retrospect, I jumped in a little too soon and was blinded by my fervor for FIRST. I joined on a local budding team at a private school and tried to get my university involved. That first year, working on a very small budget, the kids designed a robot and actually got it in the crate. The problem was that it had some design flaws, and in reality worked very little. At St. Louis in 2003, we were unofficially given then ‘Flying By The Seat Of Their Pants’ award by the queuers for our unorganized and falling-apart robot running to queue seconds before the match started. The kids worked so hard on that robot, working against all odds. Finally, on Saturday morning, they won a match, and were so excited that a few got tears in their eyes. That year, the kids taught ME more than I ever taught them. I learned that a team of people really should be a team, and that those kids wanted that experience so badly that they took everything thrown at them… and that was quite a lot. The team lasted three years, feeding on nothing but the will of the students to make it happen, at any cost. It is a tremendous feeling watching this happen right in front of you, and in the long run I was incredibly inspired by their determination.”

Amanda has given much to FIRST, but feels that FIRST has given much more to her. “I’ve been fortunate enough to work with people who genuinely care about students and this program. I’ve been on teams that are more like family than just getting together to build robots. I haven’t succeeded in all the ways I would have liked to, but I am continually trying to give back what FIRST has given to me. Before I joined FIRST, going to college was a big ‘maybe’ leaning more towards ‘no way’. This was even in the middle of my senior year of high school, when most of my friends had planned out the next 5 years of their lives. I realized I really needed to ante up and do something with my life, and sticking around my hometown at a dead-end job wasn’t going to do it. I have never, ever regretted my decision. I have met so many people that have helped me along the way, and I consider these great friends to be one of the best aspects of my life.”

Amanda is known for having a way with words, which can be seen by her fantastic description of FIRST for an outsider. “If you excite someone’s interests in engineering, you’ve done well. If you turn a meek teenager into a chanting, cheering, pink body-painted ball of engineering and problem solving intensity who can’t wait the 193 days until the next build season, you’ve done FIRST.”

Amanda had this piece of advice for all her fellow FIRSTers. "FIRST isn’t easy, we all know that. However, we all need to take advantage of the opportunities that FIRST readily gives us, especially the students. No other program will allow you to receive tremendous scholarships, network in your field, and get a head start on your peers quite like FIRST does. Don’t forget that this program is for you, and make sure you grab opportunity by the horns and hang on tight. Treat FIRST and your career like a rollercoaster – when you’re done with the ride, get off and think, “Man, what a rush.” "

Congratulations to Amanda Morrison, our 46th Unsung FIRST Hero.

Nominated By: Kristen Kelso, Arefin Bari, Josh Hambright

Congratulations Amanda! You totally deserve this. Thanks for the help and support you have given in the past.

Congrats Amanda! Thanks for all the stuff you do :slight_smile: Oh and for being a generally nice human being.

P.S. You do have better legs than Dave.

Congratulations, Amanda! It’s great to see you get some recognition for all the hard work you’ve put in.

Amanda Who? :smiley:

Just kidding. Amanda I am one of many who have had the privilege to meet and talk with you. You are an beacon in FIRST and deserve this recognition Congrats on receiving this honor.

I do question the “Unsung” part. Think back to Wonderland 2004. :eek:

Congratulations Amanda. Working with you at BMR and IRI these last two years has been great. The talent show just keeps getting better.

Congrats again!

Congratulations Amanda! It’s because of hardworking individuals like you that FIRST is the program that it is today!

Definitely deserved, not only what she does for her team but young FIRSTers in general. Very few people would be willing to sit down and read a bunch of chairmans by teams and scholarship applications by students. :slight_smile:

Ah, the official grammer/spelling enforcer of CD. It’s amazing how much you’ve helped me with spelling. Amanda, you deserve this. Again, same with Ken, you should have gotten this much sooner.

Congratulations Amanda, You really do deserve this for all of your hard work towards and dedication to FIRST. Not only are you a figurehead on these forums but throughout FIRST. in general. Congratulations once again Amanda, you really do deserve this.


Holy moly… wait… it’s AMANDA MORRRRRRRRRIIIISSSOOONNNN!!! I think I have asked her and the committee to select her as UFH many times, she refused every single time. I am so glad to see the committee has chosen her to be the UFH.

You definitely deserve this honor Amanda, I am so glad that you are finally the UFH. Congratulations…

In my entire life I have come across a number of people that fall into the intersection set of all these phrases:
Vomit Comet - Movies of little rockets - I’m still waiting for my scarf - Krispy Kremes - Dancing the Funky Chicken - Regional Competition Organizing Committee - Greenville Texas - I need a ride to the airport again! -
Talent Show Coordinator of the Talentless - More Krispy Kremes - Gene Kranz - Mouse costumes - I still have the best legs - Special rocks named for flamingoes - 50MPH in a 30MPH zone - Recommendations - Did I mention Krispy Kremes? - I’ll edit your English homework - and so many other items…

But then when you throw in “amazingly dedicated, intellectually agressive, never-say-die, impressively creative, works harder than almost any other human being” as a final filter, only one person remains. Congratulations, Amanda, this is so very very very much deserved.


When I think of UFH and what it stands for, I think of Amanda Morrison. Not only because she helped create this great honor for the FIRST community, but because she is the epitome of what it is all about.

I have met a lot of people through FIRST and only a handful of them have made an impact on me like Amanda has. The hard work she puts into everything that she does for FIRST and the people in it is amazing. She has inspired me to become a better person through her actions. Not only is she an amazing FIRSTer, she is an amazing friend.

Thank you for all you have done, and congratulations. You definitely deserve this.

Congratulations Amanda! :slight_smile:

Of course I’m now about the 9th person to say this but you deserve this with all the effort you’ve put into FIRST and ChiefDelphi these past several years.

Plus I kan’t forget all tha worc u put inta the spellchec on these phorums. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Cingratulations Amanda. You definitely deserve this honor. You are an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. It has touched the lives of many people. :slight_smile:

– Jaine

Congratulations Amanda! It’s about time! I really don’t know what to say because I know my words will pale in comparison to my positive thoughts and feelings towards Amanda. I’ve conversed with Amanda for what seems like years and years, but in reality we’ve probably only really gotten to know each other over the past year or year and a half. She’s an awesome person who runs herself ragged working on so many things that she believes in, FIRST being one of them. I’m very thankful to have met you at The Championship this past year, albeit only for short intervals of time. Thanks again for coming and getting dinner in Chicago when I was there back in June. That was a blast. Time is short for me right now, but thank you again for all you’ve helped me with and enjoy this honor, which is long overdue.


Congratulations, Amanda :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything that you do!

I don’t know what to say. You know how I feel about UFH and to see you finally honored in such a way brings tears to my eyes. When an event takes place anywhere in the Midwest it seems like you are there. You are calm under pressure and you know people you can count on and you get the job done. Anyplace would be lucky to get you, but I am glad you make First your home away from home. You may have doubted yourself a few years ago but we knew you had a great and wonderful future then and we are even more sure now. I can only hope the best for you in the future. Congratulations!!!

About time. :slight_smile: Congratulations! Your contributions to the FIRST community have been greatly appreciated.

Congrats Amanda. Thanks for inspiring everyone.