UFH: Bob Evoy

Name: Bob Evoy
Date Honored: 11-30-2003
Years involved w/FIRST: 6
FIRST Team(s): General Motors Engineering Structural Development Laboratories &, Oakland County Area Schools (0068)
Role: Team Leader & Advisor
Quote: “I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to happen.” - Frank Lloyd Wright
Bio: Bob Evoy is being honored as our ninth Unsung FIRST Hero for his impact on midwest FIRST. Many people have a story to tell about this mentor - from helping other teams in the heat of competition to running his team with grace. Bob is a mentor for the Truck Town Thunder, Team #68, a strong force in the midwest. His team is always known for their outstanding designs and amazing displays of gracious professionalism.

Mr. Evoy has been involved with FIRST for six years, and works at General Motors North America in Mock-up Operations. It seems as though his contributions to Team #68 have been more than worthwhile: he credits his ‘team accomplishments’ not in awards or medals, but in his mentoring. “Watching the transformation from quiet, reserved, nervous, and brilliant students into boisterous, outgoing, self confident and brilliant adults” is listed as one of his greatest accomplishments. “Every single time I get a note, letter, or email from a former student letting me know how life is treating them, it helps make all the long hours worthwhile.”

Bob has a lot of fond memories, too. He says that watching a graduated Truck Town Thunder student, Shannon Schnepp, and her team (#461, the Westside Boiler Invasion) win the Chairman’s Award at the Chicago Regional in 2003, was one of his favorite memories. “Thinking about our team wrap-up banquets held at the end of every year… when the students tell us how their life has changed in the past year from being members of our team. When a first year [Truck Town Thunder] student quietly handed their report card to me and I saw how they had raised their GPA significantly to meet the team’s requirement of travel and participation.” There is a good feeling to making a significant difference in a student’s life, and Bob Evoy has touched many lives along his path in FIRST.

Mr. Evoy does not give us much advice, save for the following: “If you can imagine it really working, it will! Remember, you truly are our

Thank you for your inspiration and dedication to the FIRST community. Your efforts have not been overlooked.

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Congratulations to Mr. Bob Evoy for being honored as our ninth Unsung FIRST Hero. Mr. Evoy is well-deserving of this award.

I’ve only met Mr. Evoy in person one time at the Team 461 Banquet last year, but I do know that plenty of people from the 461 team look up to him alot, almost like he was one of theirs. Congrats to Mr. Evoy, you deserve this.

I never really got the chance to meet Mr. Evoy untll the last year’s regional in Phoenix. In the past I often Mr. Evoy and the T3 team for assistance or to lend us a hand by means of tools, motors, or parts, he was the first one to help out. If he was working on the robot he would go out of his way to go outside the arena and look in the T3 truck to look for extra parts or motors. Never would he quit helping until I was able to get exactly what I needed. At the Phoenix regional last year I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Evoy on several occasions and he is truely an Unsung FIRST Hero.

The opportunity to meet, talk to, and compete against mentors of Mr. Evoy’s stature make me appreciate and thankful every day of the opportunity that FIRST gives everyone.

Congratulations Mr. Evoy, you deserve this award!

Mr Evoy!


You are well deserving of this award!! I am very glad that you got it. You have been both an inspiration and a role model in my life.

Thanks for being such a great team leader! And such a caring, wonderful person!

I hope to congradulate you in person *before *kickoff.

As Alex said, congradulations!!! Without you and your vision of what the team needed to become since it was started, we would not be where we are today.

Can’t wait till Kick-off!!!

When I first heard of UFH Bob Evoy was one of the first people that came to mind as i started thinking about who i thought should be honored.

To me this man really is a hero. From my experience on team 461 he is one of the most selfless, giving, knowledgable, and sincerly nice people i have ever met. He was always there to help out my team when we needed it, weither it through parts, machining parts for us in a pinch, or just giving us some advice on how to fix a problem, Bob was always there.
I can remeber my first year in FIRST when our drive system wasn’t working at a regional and our advisors were talking abut this guy named Mr. Evoy who was working on a part to try and keep our treds from slipping off, I didn’t really know who they were talking about, and I had no idea that this Evoy charecter who become one of my greatest inspirations in FIRST.
I can remeber looking at him from afar for a long time as some sort of mythical creature, unaproachable by a kid like me from a team that hadn’t really ever done anything yet, but then once i started talking to him i learned that he was the man that i described earlier.

Another great memory i have is from IRI this last year, when our team was having some trouble and needed some parts, we couldn’t find what we needed in our own stock and we asked Bob, we had the part in 5 minutes. Then when i was helping the Prank Monkeys work out some of their kinks they ran into a similar problem and he was there again to lend his assistance in any possible way to help get the robots working.

But by far the best memory has to be in Chicago of this last year when my team won the Regional Chairmans award, and I remeber seeing Bob overcome with joy as he hugged Shannon, then he looked at me and just gave me a smile and a nod and told me “you did it”, and to me that was one of the greatest compliments i have ever recieved.

I could go on alot longer, but i wont. Basicly I think that you totaly deserved this Bob. Congrats.

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I had only a brief time to meet Mr. Evoy, but he really showed that he deserved this award.

Right after we picked 68 and 9 at the Championship, we all ran back to our pits to discuss strategy. Our team, allthough the #1 seed, was completely prepared to do whatever TRuck Town wanted. In fact we almost expected them to be bossy and intimidating. I was glad that we were wrong. To many times in society the biggest and the best just happen be the meanest and selfish. The Entire team sat down and listened to our plan of attack and then offered useful tips that would have worked, but we just narrowly got beat. I remember the entire time that he was down there he was unselfish and completely respectful. It just goes to show that great sportsmanship makes great teams. Thanks for everytime Truck Town Thunder, and Mr. Evoy.

Wow, what can I say about Mr. Evoy?? Though the capacity in which I have known him is small, he is definitely an amazing person. He has always been there for our team and it’s members, going out of his way to help us out. From the beginning of our team to last season him and T3 have always been a great partner, friend, and teammate to everyone here on Team 461. You totally deserve this honor. Thanks so much!