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Name: Christopher Fultz
Date Honored: 07-14-2004
Years involved w/FIRST: 4
FIRST Team(s): Allison Transmission/Rolls-Royce/and 74 Proud Grandmas &, Perry Meridian High School (0234)
Role: Mentor
Quote: Not everything worth doing is worth doing well.
Bio: Chris Fultz is an outstanding member of Team #234, CyberBlue, and coordinator for the Indiana Robotics Invitational. Chris is an above-and-beyond mentor, getting involved in Indianapolis robotics and the FIRST community on many levels. Chris describes his activities and advice below.

Chris goes well beyond working only with his team. Chris is involved with numerous programs and activities. He tells us, “within Team 234, I work with organizing the team and creating the team schedules. The main group I work with is the outward facing side of the team – Public relations, the Chairman’s package prep team, FIRST International Partners and coordination with some of our sponsors. I also schedule and try to coordinate our design reviews during the build season. I lead the “pneumatics team” – and take lots of grief over it. Within Rolls-Royce, I am a member of the Engineering Education Committee. This group is responsible for our Co-Op program, Internships, support of graduate students and coordination with universities, plus Project Lead the Way. I am the “FIRST Robotics Coordinator”, which is a new role in the past year. I am trying to increase our support of local FIRST teams (financial, engineers, other resources) and let students know about all of the opportunities at Rolls-Royce. For example, we have about 60 active Co-Op students, plus several interns. Robotics alumni have an edge for these positions. I am helping to organize our support for the Purdue Regional in 2005. This year, I am the leader of the organizing committee for the IRI and representing Team 234. I am enjoying working with Libby Ritchie (393) and Andy Baker (45) and helping make the IRI an exciting event and much more than just a robot competition.”

Chris also has many accomplishments under his belt for his 4 years of FIRST. This includes “helping the team create their Chairman’s Award package and working with the presentation team on how to do well in their interviews, being a part of the IRI planning and organizing committee, leading the “FIRST Robotics Team Coordination” for Rolls-Royce and helping increase the company’s support to include all Indianapolis area teams, implementing a formal ‘gated review’ process for the team (and then seeing that it actually worked), and feeling like I am making a positive difference in the lives of an already great group of students.” Quite an impressive list!

When asked to pick a quote for this page, Chris had a different answer than most. “I like quotes that can change meaning, depending on your perspective, and make you think a bit: “The less you bet, the more you lose when you win.” “Don’t confuse speed with velocity.” “Begin with the end in mind” and my latest favorite, “Not everything worth doing is worth doing well”. This one contradicts most of the conventional advise and motivation posters, but I think is very true. Our challenge as engineers is to know when we should be done. There is always a desire to strive for perfection and that is not always the right answer. Sometimes we just have to ‘get it done’ and move on.”

Finally, Chris has some advice for fellow FIRST students and mentors. “FIRST is an important thing, but it is not the only thing. Focus on academics if you really want to be an engineer. Your FIRST involvement will be a bonus – but it won’t get you into school. If you excel at FIRST but really suffer academically then you will have a tough time getting into a top school and an even tougher time getting out. Try to see the bigger picture – the robot is almost a distraction – focus on the learning, on teamwork, on defending your ideas, on being proud of what you have done, and on the friendships you can develop. The FIRST experience is so much more than 2 minute robot matches.”

Congratulations to Chris Fultz, our 16th Unsung FIRST Hero.

Nominated By: Collin Fultz

Congratulations to Chris Fultz, our sixteenth Unsung FIRST Hero.
…just in time for post-IRI. :slight_smile:

Yeah Chris!!!
Yeah Collin for nominating him!!!

Is this what Chris bought with his managing cut? Cool!

Congrats Chris!

Yay… UFH has hit it’s Sweet 16.

Congratulations Chris!

Congratulations Chris!

You definitely deserve this award and mean a lot to Indiana FIRST and IRI.

Congractulations Chris!!!

Congratulations Dad!

In 2001 he cut our spring vacation short to go to Epcot because 234 was competing there. I had some interest in the team, but he was ready to go with FIRST. Three-and-a-half years later he’s still just as excited as before. Thanks for getting me excited, too, Dad. And thanks for always staying excited!

Also, Chris has helped bring the Regional Chairman’s Award to CyberBlue two years in a row. He helped our Chairman’s Committee to effectively know how to comunicate what it was our team did both in the submission and the interview.

His excitement about FIRST has gotten Rolls-Royce excited about FIRST, as well, sponsoring five Indianapolis teams and looking to help more.

Thanks dad, and congratulations.

Chris, you are an amazing guy. Thank you so much for your tireless effort, patience and passion for FIRST. You have helped me out tremendously over the years, and I look up to you as a mentor and friend.

Andy B.

Congratulations, Chris!

congrats chris and good job for nominating him collin!

Congratulations Chris. I always look forward to reading your posts on critical topics and value your thoughts a great deal. Your role is eerily similar to the role I played with 103 and I have nothing but admiration for your efforts and passion.

Congrats Chris,

Hope you can get all your young’uns involved so we keep you around for a LOOOOOONNNNNG time!!

It was a pleasure meeting you this weekend. From what Ive heard about you, you’ve done a ton for the area, and the rest of the country should take notice. This should only be a start, since I think we could wicked* learn a ton of great stuff from you!!

*added to infuriate the midwesterners. :wink:

Chris - You’ve done so much for 234 and FIRST - Thank you. You deserve this for the countless hours of dedication and hard work you’ve put into our team. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be where we are right now as a team.

Congratulations :]

Congradulations chris. You are truely an asset to First especialy to all of us in the state of indiana. I tip my mohawk to you sir.

Congrats, Chris!! A well deserved honor, I must say. You are a driving force of team 234 and I must say you are helping us on team 393 as well! Thank you for all you do!

Thanks Colllin, for the nomination. That by itself means a lot.

Thanks to the UFH team for the selection.

Thanks to everyone for the positive comments, as well.

After a weekend of IRI, I am further convinced how great this thing called FIRST is. great students, great mentors, great alumni. I am proud to be a part of it and hope to be for a long, long time.

Thanks -

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