UFH: Lauren Vertz

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Name: Lauren Vertz
Date Honored: 05-14-2005
Years involved w/FIRST: 5
FIRST Team(s): GE Volunteers/Pentair Water &, Oconomowoc High School (0269)
Role: Mentor
Quote: Happiness…is not what you have, it’s your ability to enjoy what you’ve got.
Bio: Laurie Vertz has always claimed that she is ‘just a mom’. However, the FIRST community and Team #269 beg to differ. Laurie has helped the team with extensive fundraising, team logistics, travel coordination, and working year round to further the expansion of Cooney Robotics. She joined the team with her daughter, and hasn’t stopped working since.

Laurie defined being ‘just a mom’ as doing "a little of everything. My primary responsibility is fundraising but I have learned quite a bit about building robots.’ She also describes her five years in FIRST as wonderful, and is very supportive of the whole program.

Laurie shared her favorite memory from her time in FIRST- the Championship Event in Houston, Texas in 2003. “The students had the opportunity to spend Friday night riding roller coasters and playing games. After just a half hour of that, and free food, they rushed back to the hotel to do more scouting and plan strategy for the Saturday matches. Who wouldn’t want to hang around with students who are so excited about FIRST!”

She also told us, “My daughter Paula joined FIRST in 2001 and I came and watched. Then I started fundraising in 2002 and haven’t stopped. We managed to raise $20,000 in two weeks, with lots of help from the team and our generous community, when we won the Midwest Regional in 2004. I spend lots of time with the students promoting FIRST by visiting the schools, businesses and community groups. I am always willing to share fundraising strategies with other teams. We can all learn from each other.” Laurie also volunteered at the Boilermaker and Midwest Regionals, and at the Championships this year.

She also offered a quote as advice: “Happiness…is not what you have, it’s your ability to enjoy what you’ve got.”

Hats off to Laurie Vertz, ‘just a mom’ for Team #269, but certainly an Unsung FIRST Hero to the rest of us.

Nominated By: Ricky Q.

Congratulations to Laurie Vertz for being honored as our next Unsung FIRST Hero.

Congratulations to a wonderful “Just a” FIRST Mom!!!
Team 269 is so lucky to have a FIRST Mom like you. :cool:

BTW- Why are you on top of that table? :slight_smile:

I thought it was a section of the 2003 ramp.

Congrats, Laurie!! You are definitely more than “just a mom”!!! :smiley:

Congratulations Laurie! You definitely are an UFH to our team. The FIRST community would not see Cooney Quest at many events if it were not for Laurie. Ever since she took over the finances for the team we have managed some amazing fund raising. Her role as a local business owner in the community is invaluable to us as she can connect with so many people.

Her role as a mentor is invaluable too, she may not know the most about building robots, but having her around for support and as “just a mom” is just as good.

Congrats Laurie, our team would not be the same without you.

BTW-She is standing on a table in our workroom getting ready to measure how high the ceiling is, so we do not go through it while testing our lift on the 2005 robot. We managed to go through it anyways :slight_smile:

Congratulations Mrs. Vertz!
You certainly gave all of us the courage to stick with it and keep pressing on even when it looked like we had no financial means of continuing on to the Championships last year! Thank you so much for always being there and encouraging us girls, especially Molly, Erica, Paula, Ashley, Marilyn, Brittney, Angie, and myself, to try out everything from compiling newsletters to welding steel.
You have been a marvelous inspiration to all of the kids on the team!

Hurray for the NEM’s and the team factotum’s and the team mom’s (often the same person)!
Laurie, you need to consider joining NEMO. We would love to add your experience and wisdom to the group.

Congrats!! it simply amazes me how this world has so many great people after reading and hearing about people like Lauren Vertz. congrats and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Laurie! It was great to meet you at Chicago and I hope to see you and the rest of the 269 gang at many more FIRST events. Your immense passion for Cooney Quest is obvious to me. Keep up the good work!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Congrats Laurie!
What a nice write up from Rickie. Teams need a good mom and no one knows how really hard you work until you stop. Keep up the good work and help Cooney keep coming back.

Congratulations Laurie! You helped us out a lot at Boilermaker Regional even though you probably would have rather been watching your team compete!! We all appreciate your efforts!

Congratulations Lauren -

It was great to meet you at the Boilermaker and thank you soooo much for volunteering. I know 269 is better because you are there.

Hope to see you at the IRI !!!

Congratulations! It’s the “mom’s” and other mentors like you that keep the teams going!

Congratulations! Paula has always spoken very highly of you and your efforts in Oconomowoc. In my run-in’s with you, you have always been a very cool “just a mom.” Your efforts have really paid off and I look forward to more run-in’s in the future.