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Name: Patrick Wang
Date Honored: 09-14-2005
Years involved w/FIRST: 6
FIRST Team(s): Monster Cable/Retrevo &, Monta Vista High School (0115), Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers & Kehillah Jewish High School (1043)
Role: Mentor
Quote: The greatest risk is never taking one at all.
Bio: Patrick Wang has served in a variety of roles over his past few years in FIRST: “I was a mechanical build member on team 115, the Monta Vista Robotics Team from 2000-2001, President of MVRT from 2002-2003, the main coach and mentor on team 1043 during 2004, and an engineering/build advisor during the 2005 season for MVRT Team 115 once again.”

Working with teams 115 and 1043 over the past six years, Patrick has become well-known in his FIRST area for his passion and dedication to the program. Patrick fondly looks back on his past years: “My favorite FIRST memory is really not of one moment, but of all the experiences leading a team, either directly as President, or indirectly as a mentor. I look back and remember just how much work I put in, and then realizing how rewarding changing the lives of many of my colleagues and the students I have helped. Thinking back to those memories, I can’t help but take great pride in knowing that I have already done great things in life.”

Patrick, when asked to describe FIRST in a nutshell, gave us this tidbit. “FIRST is more than a robotics competition, it is a stimulating place where students and mentors can discover themselves, interact, and ultimately grow.” Patrick can attest to that, considering the accomplishments he’s had in his FIRST career: “I lead MVRT to a victory at the Silicon Valley Regional in 2003. I directed the Fall 2004 WRRF Workshops, I was the main coach for team 1043 during the 2004 year, and I returned to help MVRT in 2005, all while studying and working a part time job.”

Last but not least, Patrick gave his fellow FIRSTers a bit of advice. “Make the best of the time which you have as a FIRST’er, meet new people, some of the best contacts and friends I have made, and kept are from the FIRST community. I have gotten recommendations for jobs and colleges through this program. If you want to work for NASA FIRST is definitely something they know about and look for. (I got an internship through them at NASA Ames for one year, Apr 2004-Apr 2005). The most important lesson however, is how to ask questions. Knowing who, when and how to ask questions will help you find out things you didn’t even know you didn’t know. Questions lead to answers which leads to more questions, this is the spirit of learning.”

Congratulations to Patrick Wang, our 41st winner of the Unsung FIRST Heroes Award.

Nominated By: Ken Leung

Many thanks to everyone who has supported me in the last 6 years, as with any sort of awards i will do the customary read off of thanks to mentors, colleagues, and friends. The whole list is way too long to list here but here are a few of the notable ones.

From Monta Vista Robotics Team 115:

Ted Shinta (no nomination he already has a Woodie Flowers award), Steve Rock, Steve Bronstein.

From the WRRF community:

Ken Kreiger, Jason Morrella, Bill and Jim Gold, and of course the venerable Ken Leung.

Again many thanks and i hope i’ve contributed at least as much as i have taken from the community.

Congratulations Patrick! Thanks for always finding time to come by our pit and encouraging us on with our wacky ideas! It’s always an inspiration to see your dedication and an incredible uplift drawing from your enthusiasm.

Congratulations to Patrick Wang, our next Unsung FIRST Hero.

Congrats Patrick. You are very well deserving of this recognition. Working with you was a great experiance and you are defiantely a great leader and a person to know. I hope teams can have leaders and mentors like you to sucessfully guide them through the FIRST journey. It was truley a great experiance working with you. Once again congrats and Good luck on your future expeditions.

Congratulations, Patrick. Isn’t it great to be nominated by one’s peers. Thanks for all you have done for your teams.

Congrats to another great mentor! Thank you for being involved in FIRST!

Congrats! Thanks fo all you do!

Good to finally see you recognized for all the work you have done! Congratulations Patrick!