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Name: Paul Kloberg
Date Honored: 08-14-2005
Years involved w/FIRST: 6
FIRST Team(s): Bridgewater Raritan Regional High School &, The Midland School (0303), Convatec - Bristol-Myers Squibb &, Montgomery High School (1403)
Role: Senior Mentor
Quote: FIRST is moving fast throughout the world ……., don’t let your town be the last to get FIRST !!!
Bio: Paul Kloberg, our first Senior Mentor to be honored, has a long history with FIRST. "With team # 303, I was the teacher/advisor for four great years. My role was to watch the “big picture” and to ensure that the students got the most from this opportunity to work directly with the great engineering support they got from Bihler of America.

"I served as a teacher/advisor to team 1403 in their rookie year, as there were no teachers from their school willing or able to support the team in getting started. The students were a great crew as first year teams go and they were very fortunate to have Mr. Charlie Putnam support them as a project coordinator and engineering mentor. This was such a positive experience for me that my plans for the future were to start one new team a year for the next ten years while I was still a teacher.

“My plan to work on new teams was really modified when I was selected to become the NJ Senior Mentor for FIRST, last November. This program is really a great match for my enthusiasm about FIRST in general. I am able to get involved in many more helpful ways to support rookies, veteran teams and work on my favorite passion of organizing events.”

Paul also has a great FIRST memory - the first time he got his wife involved. “After so many years of having my wife, Karin, ask what the big attraction to FIRST is for me, I greatly enjoyed watching her go through the motions of being a referee on the Galileo Field in Atlanta this past April. If people didn’t know, most would think that she recruited me into FIRST rather then the other way around.”

Paul also had a few accomplishments to share. “My most rewarding accomplishments include the many post-season events that I either support or manage directly. Giving the teams a chance to “play” more under less stress, but with just as much energy really makes me a believer in this program all year round. Being nominated to be the NJ Senior Mentor happened much like this “Unsung Hero” nomination. It is a wonderful feeling to know that although I love the results myself, there are others out there who notice that the impact on the students is well worth the effort.”

When asked how he would describe FIRST to an outsider, Paul told us this: “FIRST is the hardest FUN that many folks have in their life experience to date. It has a great ability to bring together some of the most remarkable groups into a partnership we know as a FIRST Robotics Team. Regardless of the age or experience of the many participants, FIRST has a lasting impact on nearly everyone who experiences these programs.”

And finally, Paul had a little bit of advice for us. "If you are a student on a FIRST Program Team, thank the adults who support your team. If you are an adult on a FIRST Program Team, allow the students to dazzle you with their talent.

"If you are a parent of a student on a FIRST Program Team, be sure you know what the word “Help” means to the person who is leading that team. Help out as much as you can with your time, patience and cheers.

“To ALL members and associates of FIRST Program Teams, be mindful of the value this program offers to the students and the future. Always be sure that your input is consistent with the ultimate goals of these programs. Remember, Fun Is Required So Tolerate — FIRST.”

Congratulations to Paul Kloberg, our next recipient of the Unsung FIRST Heroes Award.

Nominated By: Corey Balint, Wayne C., Mike Schroeder

Congratulations to Paul Kloberg, our next recipient of the Unsung FIRST Heroes Award.

good job Mr kloberg. see you soon in school.

I can’t say enough about this man. He is an absolutely go-getter - one of the major driving forces in NJ. I remember the way we used to talk “He doesn’t remember names frequently so feel lucky if he remembers your name”. Congratulations Mr. Kloberg - this honor is LONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG OVERDUE. Keep doing all the great things you have done to make FIRST a better program as you have always.

Congrats to another wonderful mentor in FIRST…I really don’t ever want to know what it would be like without all these great people…thanks for everything Mr. Kloberg and every other mentor…

Congrats to Paul, a fun, hard-working, amusing, awesome mentor. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul at a few regionals, as well as giving Drexel advice when his daughter started her a few years ago. He is truly great to work with.

:smiley: Way to go, Paul! :smiley:

On behalf of all the MOEsters on Team 365, congratulations! You are a fantastic person. Your passion and excitement for FIRST is obvious within 10 seconds of having a conversation with you.

Congrats to another very deserving mentor. It’s because of mentors like you, we still come back here and crave for more. Thanks for all you have done. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how much I can say or where to start-But I know this

This guy made New Jersey the Midatlantic Robotics Capitol. You don’t know how much he’s done, my team and several others wouldn’t be in the place they are today if it wasn’t for him either.

Thanks Mr. Kloberg
ps-He always has a great tip or piece of advice

I feel honored to finally have met Paul this past spring after hearing so much about him from other mentors and students in FIRST, and after having several conversations on the phone… during which we discovered we both attended high school in Baldwin, NY at the same time! (It IS a small world.) I have printed out your motto to hang on my wall to remind me to have FUN with FIRST! Congratulations, Paul!

P.S. Please consider moving back to CT. :smiley:

Wahoo for teachers! Way to go Paul!

I can’t say much more than the NJ folks already have about Paul. I’ll just add that Paul was a “Sr. Mentor” for FIRST in NJ, looooong before the phrase ever existed and that I’m certainly a better person for knowing him. Congrats!

Kressly summed it up,

I remember a few years ago, Kloberg said to me that he had 10 more years until he retires and in those 10 years he plans on starting at least one team each year…

He isn’t the product of program i think the program is a product of people like him

( thought of either saying this or YEA KLOBERG ROXORS MY SOXORS!!! )

I basically echo Kres as well. Kloberg has done soo much to help out the growth of FIRST in not only NJ, but everywhere he travels. He always has something to say about FIRST and how awesome it is.

If Kloberg wasnt a Senior Mentor, im sure he would be a national Woodie Flowers award winner.

Congrats Mr. Kloberg, one of many wonderful Senior Mentors serving FIRST :slight_smile:

The quality must be slipping if they let Paul on the list :smiley:

I"M KIDDING (before I get flamed). Congrats Paul. I’d consider you a senior mentor for the Mid-Atlantic. I can’t think of an off season event I have been to in NJ, PA, or MD where you have not had some involvement.

Congraulations Paul!
We here in the midwest don’t get a chance to work with the east coast much but several names keep popping up in conversation and yours is one of them. n Glad to see you have been recognized by those around you. Keep up the good work.

Congrads, Paul!!!

I’m honored to know you…FIRST wouldn’t be FIRST without you.

That photo of Paul is mostly Dean’s shirt…
Paul is a real people person and is the ideal FIRST Senior Mentor. He is passionate, will corner people to talk about FIRST and the big picture, is always administering praise and ideas.
On a personal level, he without fail, listens to me venting, always makes me laugh, and somehow is able to convince me to get up at 5:30am to sneak into a hotel pool at a hotel we are NOT even staying at… :eek:
And his wife Karin is his better half.
He deserves every kudo.
Come to the Capital Clash and shake his hand.

Paul shakes hands? I thought he only gave out hugs! :smiley: