Uh some noob questions

So this year during the autonomous mode my team chose to use jetson, so here is the idea I have now I’m not sure will it work or not so can you guys take a look at it and see will it work, thanks

My plane is using on board camera from jetson to grab images and processing it in opencv then do some processing and return back a XY value or distance through network table and when the roborio revived values it will do some movement that is previously written in the program.

If you plan on doing it continuously (while the robot is moving), the problem you will run into are:

  1. The image will be blurred by the movement of the robot; and
  2. The Robot will have moved from the time you finish processing the picture (you will need to estimate the current location of the robot).

If you stop, take a pic, calculate, move, rinse & repeat, that will work.