UIUC Ri3D 2020

We initially had a compression of 1", so 6" between belts and the ramp surface. We have changed it to .625" compression and we are getting better results. Testing with multiple balls, we haven’t seen any issue feeding or storing balls. Sorry for the delays, we hope to have at least a more detailed technical update tonight or tomorrow, maybe a short video as well.

where did you get that blue cable for the climb and how did you attach it to your winch gearbox?

We bought a 1" wide ratchet strap (2-pack) from Walmart for about $5. We then cut them to length, and made two holes with a heated-up 3/16" rivet. We used a small butane torch to head the rivet, the nylon melts away and the hot rivet prevents fringing around the hole (DO NOT DRILL HOLES). We attached the strap with 2x 3/16" rivets into a thunderhex shaft, see image below.

We are ordering some PTFE film to hopefully solve a critical issue with the ramp design, will update when we get the film in shop. Thanks!

Will you be releasing a BOM for this? Thanks!

We weren’t planning on it but we can maybe throw something together when we get the chance.

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We were inspired by your build! Is it possible to have you email me a list of parts to help us get started? We are a rookie team with no prior experience.

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You should also check out:

It’s highly documented and designed with rookie/lower resource teams in mind

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We’re glad you have some inspiration! As suggested, I would look at the Everybot for more guidance and ideas for a rookie/lower resource team. Although we designed our bot as a MCC, there are several things that are done better on other bots. We may make a detailed BOM in the coming days, but most members are either out of town or have started school and are busy. If you are still interested in a similar design, you can check our CAD, linked in an above post.


Sorry for the bump, but I was contacted and told the native SolidWorks model wasn’t loading because the GrabCAD partner space was broken. I made a pack 'n go of the assembly, so all toolbox components should be in the partner space’s zip folder now. I also added the 2D profile sketch we used, someone was asking how we figured-out geometry. Thanks.

What gear ratio did you use on the versa planetary gearbox?

I couldn’t tell you the exact ratio off the top of my head, we mainly just used whatever we could find. I can take a look tomorrow, but my best guess is we found a ratio ~20:1, which would give us ~8 surface feet per second on a 775Pro, we ran our conveyor at ~60% IIRC to get around 6 surface fps.

I love the climb you guys built. I have an oddly specific question about it; how did you make that hinge in the middle of the climb connecting those two 1x1s? My team doesn’t have a lot of experience making hinges like that and we’re trying to figure it out. Also, are those 1/8" or 1/16" gauge tubing?

For our climber, we used a single bolt as the pivot point on both sides. See below:

The arm material is 1x1x.0625 wall.

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