Russia has begun its invasion of Ukraine. According to the FIRST website, there are a number of FIRST teams in Ukraine. Is anyone in contact with these teams and able to speak for their safety? Is there anything our community can do to help them in these dark times?


I know there is a member from 7851 NeuraBl!nk who is typically active. I don’t want to ping them for possible safety reasons but there is a presence on the forum.

My thoughts go out to all affected.


At a quick search on the FIRST website, these are the current teams in Ukraine:

14438 - Noosphere Robotics - Kyiv
19378 - Baconizer - Kyiv
20839 - ImpFox - Poltava
20846 - Club Full Master - Poltava

7851 - NeuraBl!nk - Kyiv
8187 - CyberPunks - Kyiv
8504 - YOVi - Dnipro
8855 - Socrates - Kyiv
And a non-numbered rookie (202200261 - Inventor - Kiev)

I’d ask that you don’t reach out to these teams unless they already know who you are. While I want to support them as much as anyone else, it does not help them to have a bunch of random people spamming their inbox.

At this time explosions have been reported in Kyiv (the capital city), and Dnipro. I expect that these teams will have more on their minds than FRC-specific needs. If you do have contact with these teams, please let them know that the FRC community is vast, and we may be able to help beyond the context of robots. There are CEOs, lawyers, and more among our ranks and we will do what we can to support our Ukrainian friends.


I’m partial to dark humor, but there are real people on the other end of this, with real bombs landing in their city. Even if some of them weren’t part of our community, that would still be grotesquely insensitive.

Put yourself in their place for a moment, and think about that before you make jokes.


7851 has checked in. I hope not for the last time…


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