Ultimate Alliance

Since the Championship is over, I think it’s about time for the discussions about the the ultimate alliance.

So…What teams would you put on the ultimate alliance for Lunacy?

im gonna say 1625, 217, and 67. game over.

I would go with 67, 111, and 217

considering the results of the championship, i have to say 111,67 and 121.

Any three teams that can all preload in autonomous and end the game in 3 massive unloads. I suppose they could spend the rest of the time playing with empty cells/supercells if they please.

(For example 67, 217, 111, 68, 254. the list goes on)

It looked pretty clear that 111, 67, 971 is the ultimate alliance. Three great scorers. Their methods of scoring were not all the same which helped them a lot as well. 971 was a great bot who had some bad luck in quals and lost their first five matches in Atlanta. As soon as I heard who 111 & 67 selected as their second pick I thought it was a dream alliance and knew they would be nearly impossible to beat, 971 should have been picked way before when they actually were. Good job scouting 111 & 67 and congrats to 971 on your first world championship. 111 really stepped up their game in Atlanta and were always able to get at least one dump off a match. As soon as they did it match was over.


I have to say that 111 and 67 was an ideal match up because, 111 was a huge scorer (30 plus balls) when given the oppurtunity, and their drivers typically found the best oppurtunities. 67 put up huge scores in varying amounts with amazin accuracy and very quickly. They both loaded in autonomous and started off with at least 45 balls ready to score. Assuming they missed 4 each, that’s 37 balls which is about 74 points. Then 67 would have about 1 and a alf minutes to collect and dump, tyically in 2 (I say only 2 because they feild gets very scarce very quickly in elims) amounts of 7-10 balls. 111 takes a dit longer on their first dump, because their scoring mechanism was a little slower and they had to line up in an alomost pin, however, wen they did it was easily 70 points for their alliance, therefore, after theirfirst score it would be 1 minute left to pick up and score again (about 10 balls). 217 would be the best complete to the super alliance, because after their first dump of an autonomously loaded hopper (about 15-25 balls), tey could transfer all 4 empties, and then after the last one was delivered, the 20 secind mark would hit and they would have the human player pass his 2 to them (30 points in teh hopper). They would go and score them, while the other human player would have a good shot at scoring 1 of his. I would say that these three together, with the right strategy, could consistently put up 160 points, accounting for some defense and that the feild would run out of balls.

111, 217, 1625

think about how well this alliance would work together with 1625 loading from the outpost 111 from the corner and 217 from the other corner. the 2 best power dumpers in the game that showed their ability to perform together at midwest would put up high scores and 217 would turret their way to scoring a few moon rocks and some super cells.

I’m sure 111 could load from the outpost if they wanted. However, Im not sure if 111 or 1625 is a better power dumper. I know that 111 basically secures a match after the first dump, one reason why they went undefeated in Atlanta, while even 67 lost a match. I have never seen 1625, I have heard great things, but would never have seen them lest they were on Galileo or Einstein.

111, 67, and either 217 or 1717

I probably can’t pick an ultimate alliance, but it would be any combination of 217, 67, 111, 1625, 1114, 2056, 1717 would be absolutely dominant.

I would say one shooter and two dumpers.

So something along the lines of 217, 67, 1625/111.

It’s hard to leave some of these teams out though…

1114, 217 and 148. Hands down.

gee that sounds strangely familiar…

ill have to go and say that the alliance that won the championship is the ultimate alliance. Theres a whole lot more going on between those three teams then their raw scoring power… they worked really well together.

How about a all Michigan alliance?


All really high scoring threats

1625 (Instant fill of a trailer+empty cell delivery)
217 (Consistent high scoring+Super Cell scoring)
111 (Consistent high scoring)

100% Midwest Alliance

217 68 67 for the All Michigan win.

Otherwise, Id put in for 111 68 and 67. Either way my picks are from the Midwest. 67 and 111 load from corners and 68 loads from the outpost (including their empty cell delivery system) 68 pins for 111 while 67 hits another trailer. 67 goes to reload while 111 unloads all over the pinned opponent. 68 deposits the empty cell and goes off to unload while 111 either runs interference or collects for another dump.

I think 111 is good, but the best Michigan Allience would be 217, 67, 1918.

Heh, all this talk reminds me of a qualification match in Minnesota that was particularly kind to the top 3 scoring teams at the event (according to our scouting data), all being paired with each other… but I digress.

If you’re talking solely the robot and not the strategy, you could include a lot of bots over others. 177 over 148, for example; they had practically the same bot but I preferred how 177’s drivers played.

Given that they have awesome, smart drivers, 111 and 217 are pretty special. But a lot of robots that could have opted for HP loading that didn’t (2970) I’d say would be different and worth a second look with a change in drivers.

Another thing to consider is how easy it is to stop a robot or strategy. Part of what makes 217 / 111 so awesome is that they have some neat tricks (mainly 111’s epic crab drive and 217’s adjustable shooter / corner load) that make stopping them have a net negative benefit. You can get around this with cunning strategy to an extent (what’s up 1625), however.

Overall, with “driver / robot” teams factored in, my ideal alliance would probably be 111 / 217 / 1625.

Well, 68, if I am not mistaken from our scouting data, put up around 25+ balls a match during elims on Saturday. When we were pinned, they were definitely able to score well and carry our alliance. Da Bears also proved to be a more effective partner than anyone else we could have picked, as their pinning and defense allowed us to score more super cells in elims than ever before. As said previously, it comes down to a lot more then just raw scoring power. OPR does NOT win a match, nor will it get you to Einstein.

Personally, I think an ultimate SCORING alliance would consist of teams such as 67, 111, 1771, 254, 1625, 121, 1114, 2056, 1717, etc. All high scoring, ~30 balls a match kind of robots.

Oh, I suppose you could throw us in that pool too. :slight_smile:

What is HP loading and what does it have to do with 2970?