Ultimate Ascent Catalyst DBS 2013 Simulation Game

I’ve just been trying this out, to get a taste of strategy and robots, just wanted to see other people’s results?

AND, does anyone know the controls for just using a computer keyboard? (I’m a bit new at the simulation game thing)

Personally from my use so far with it I have not liked it a bit. Though I am currently downloading it on my actual computer so I might run faster.

Where is it downloaded? I can not even find it.


Here is the website with the download link. Few things you might have to install first.

PRO TIP: ALT button on computer keyboard = “select”, in game…Now I can play without stealing neighbor’s xbox USB controller.

I installed it, but it won’t launch for some reason. :frowning:

See, I have already been there looking for a download link. There is none. >.< None that I see.

This is a direct link to download the Catalyst 2013 Setup.zip

edit: You need to install the Slim DX Redistributable 4.0 for X86 (even if you are running a 64 bit system) first. That’s another direct download link, by the way.

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I’ve not been a fan of the Catalyst Simulators. I don’t know if it’s the “game” feeling they have, or if its because I worked really hard on a simulator for each of the past three games, just to find out for the last two that someone else beat me to it.

Edit: By the way, you can hit ESC? and click Controls, and it will display the controls for both the left and right keyboard setups.

It’s an admirable effort but is riddled with issues. A few of our students played it with Xbox controllers for a while but noticed that the majority of rules aren’t properly implemented. Penalties don’t seem to be calculated at all - you can easily score 30 points on the opposite alliance’s pyramid, or interrupt them in their feeding zone, with no consequences (perhaps some of these will be fixed in a future update?) I think there are better ways to gain an understanding of the game.

Thanks a ton!

Can you tell me where the problem is? Or where the error occurs after you installed it?

Yes, these kinds of issues will indeed be fixed in the update.

Does anyone know what are the controls for Logitech Attack 3 Joistick?

I am really confused I can get to the queing area fine but how do I start a one player game from there? I am just using the right keyboard and I dont understand why I cant start the game

Press the right alt key twice.

Just loaded it on our IBuyPower laptop. Works good. I’ll let the students beat it up and get back with you on their findings.

Tried playing this on our CAD computers. Can anyone confirm that backslash, the key for dispensing frisbees for right side keyboard isn’t working?

For anyone trying to figure out controls, if you press escape during a match and then click controls, it’ll tell you how to do everything.

One issue I’ve been having is that when I raise the lift on the forklift bot, it never comes back down, are others experiencing this issue?

Checked the DBS forums. They are aware of this bug and plan to have it patched by next update.

While Catalyst lets you see an artist’s interpretation of a few different launcher and climber styles, I have found that this program is riddled with bugs and doesn’t really get you anywhere. In addition to an infuriating control scheme, I tried a few different robot configurations and was able to do little more than fling a frisbee (poorly) at the targets, and smack into the tower a few times, with the climbing mechanism doing very little. This is no substitute for the visualizations provided by a good CAD model or the benchtop testing provided by traditional hardware prototyping, which is unfortunate.

I would love to see a well implemented simulator that lets teams control their robot with an onboard camera view, where the physics worked somewhat reliably, and where you could design a bit more of your own machine that might work more to your liking. Last year’s Catalyst worked about the same as this year, and I was hoping for an improvement which may have to wait until next season.

Hello CD world! We have posted a blog to our website about the progress of the Catalyst 2013 BETA. It has information about what the immediate updates will be, and what to expect about a commercial release for Catalyst 2013.


Thanks to all that have helped so far!