Ultimate ascent options?

I have a questions for you guys, is it possible to just remain shooting frissbees while the call to ultimate ascent has happened.

I mean, if you dont do the climb, can you shoot frisbees while the other robots struggle to climb to the top

There is no call to climb. You can climb at any time, and you are not required to climb at any point in time. If your strategy allows, it may give you more points to shoot rather than climb.

You can continue shooting through the 30 second buzzer. You aren’t required to climb at the buzzer.

Nor are you required to wait for the 30-second sound before climbing. It only signals when Feeders can throw the discs over the Alliance Station Wall.

allright, thank you, i think that if you can shoot frisbees well enough, the climb is not really worth it. Because if you can hit the piramid goal multiple times in the time it takes you to climb, it really is not worth it, is it?

Keep in mind, you can only use the six alliance color discs when scoring in the pyramid. they are worth 5 points each. If you can score all of them successfully (requires 2 trips, because you can only handle 4), then the points value is equivalent to a third level climb. That being said, if you can quickly climb the first level (all you have to do is get the bot completely off the ground), then that gives you a 10 point bonus, which may be beneficial to do in the last few seconds.

It depends. If you are playing to be chosen by a team, a good shooter with decent auto will be good. If you want to be in the top eight you need to look at how they calculate rankings.

Wait, so you are telling me that we can only shoot the six coloured Frisbee at the pyramid, and everything else at the wall, can you please tell me where this is in the rules, I didn’t see this.

You can shoot the colored frisbees into any goal for points. However, they are worth the most in the pyramid goals (5 points as opposed to 3 points). White discs do not score points in the pyramid goals.

Let me rephrase the sentence that was giving you confusion: “Keep in mind, you can [strike]only[/strike] use **only **the six alliance color discs when scoring in the pyramid.” (Misplaced modifiers tend to lead to ambiguity–anybody in an English class, take note.)

thank you, that definitely helps, otherwise, we would have wasted our time shooting white discs into the pyramid

Why not climb, then proceed to shoot freebees? maximum points!

You mean shooting while hanging? You would only be able to take a maximum of 4 shots, unless you climb back down, making the whole climb pointless.