Ultimate Ascent scouting

What are the scouting parameters for the 2013 game? How are they prioritized?

This question has already been asked in another thread. Regardless, it’s a difficult one to answer, mostly because the build season is so young, and we can’t be sure how exactly the game will play out.

In theory, it is important to understand the potential contributions a team can bring to an alliance: to both alliances in a given match. Whether this is qualitative or quantitative, from things like the drive train composition, to the average number of disks scored per match, contribution must be understood in order to either generate a quality pick list, or a match strategy.

As more of the game becomes apparent, and understandable (slightly clearer later in the build season, and much clearer after competitions start,) we can better understand specific things that will need to be watched, such as roles within a specific strategy, or reliability of hanging or other mechanical processes.