Ultimate Dream Computer

What is your ultimate dream computer. If anything was possible. Here’s mine…

-Dual AMD 2.2Ghz
-G4 Sheel only a little smaller
-OSX and XP
-1 GB of SDRAM
-NVidia Graphics Card (don’t know which one, not into that, really)
-Supe Drive (DVD-R & CD-RW)
-Apple Cinema LCD Screen (22")
-4 Firewire
-8 USB
-6 Piece Speaker System with Sub-Woofer
-Optical-Wireless Mouse with Track-Wheel

That’s all I can think of now, any more sugestions and/or creations of your own?

One that is fast,
and has a DVD/CD-ROM and writer,
and actually doesn’t freeze up all the time,
and I’ll be happy

a non-microsoft comuter, with every game known to man, and every game that will be known to man :D. that way, i have all the system resources i need to play games, and no stupid blue screens of death! whoo! :smiley: i just know, i’m going to wind up designing my own OS one day… :stuck_out_tongue:

Computers are no fun when they are perfect. Messed up PC’s give me something to do :smiley:

for 3d:

dual p4 Xeons 2.2gzh, with 2 gigs of rdram on a supermicro p4dp6. dual 15k cheetas, 18 gigs, raid 0, for boot. then another 15k cheeta, 36 gigs for local files. quadro4 900xgl gfx board. mass multiples dual 18.1" lcd panels, dvi. logitech dual optical mouse. lian li pc71 case. sound? no need sound for 3d. keeps the resource utilization low. gigabit network card, prolly 3com. running windows 2k prof sp2. oh yeah, just a standard dvd rom drive, black. make it aopen brand… yup that seems like it for that one

for video editing:
dual athlon Tbreads 2.0gzh on a msi k7 master board. 4 gigs of registerd DDR. lian li pc 70 case. appian rushmore graphics card. 4 18.1" mass multiple flat panels. 20" jvc studio monitor. sony dv-walkman. canopus DVSTORM PLUS, for real time editing. adaptec 3400s x2 for SCSI. dual seagate 15k rpm scsi drives for boot, as we all know by now, in raid 0. for local editing , dual seagate ST1181677LWV 180 gigs, raid 0. terra tec dmx 6 fire for sound. oh yeah, cpufx watercooling rig. ehhh gigabit ethernet… im not forgetting anything am i?
oh yeah, win2k prof

While I’m at in a dream state…
An 18 processor cluster, Athlon XP 2000, overclocked to true 2.0Ghz
18 gig DDR ram
22 inch LCD

Now, anyone want to compare rendering benchmarks?

*Originally posted by Wetzel *
**While I’m at in a dream state…
An 18 processor cluster, Athlon XP 2000, overclocked to true 2.0Ghz
18 gig DDR ram
22 inch LCD

Now, anyone want to compare rendering benchmarks? **

as much as i hate to say it, intel has the upper hand here. a set of dual 2.2gzh foster core xeons will kick amd’s %%% in rendering, at least in lightwave… but as soon as amd has sse2 extentions, well then, intel = pwnd

While we’re on the “ultimate dream computer” topic…


does my athlon xp 1900 with 512mb ddr, geforce4 ti 4600, 20x10x40 burner and a crap load of games count as a dream computer (though i sorta have it right now…)?

and how much would these “dream machines” cost?

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**and how much would these “dream machines” cost? **

One heck of a lotta money, but in 3-5 years you could probably get one for $599 :smiley:

true, but in 3-5 years would you still want it?

Think, what speed would a 5 year old computer be today?

silly joe, I think you missed the joke there…
oh well - my ‘dream computer’ is almost finished now - I’m just waiting on the final part to make everything happy. I even have a beautifully moded case to go along with it (here). I guess I’ll post the specs when I get my second processor :wink:

I remember in the gold ol days when you were luck if you had a hard drive. My point is not what you want in relativity to todays technology, my point is to think up the most amazing things. Sure this didn’t go very well in my first post, but let your imagination run free.

im on the list for 2 sledge hammers… cant wait

The Ultimate Computer:
One that runs on my brain.:wink:

yeah we could go into specs, but you’re brain would over power it. Would just need terabyte ethernet to send it to a monitor, actually just install projectors in your eyes!!!

Its been a bit of time since anyone’s replied to this…but i really like the sony vaio. I’d beef it up with as much memory and speed as possible…22 inch lcd…i’d only use it for music and video editing (haha…i know that fits in the mac category but i’d rather stick to pc).

I’d take either the high-end laptop or desktop from L.


Those Go-L computers are miserable. Blech.

I’d like an Athlon64 3400+, a Matrox Parhelia, 3 21" Samsung Syncmasters. It’d be nice to have no wires at all. Wireless monitors, wireless keyboard and mouse, wireless speakers, bluetooth printer. It’d be nice if games would span two monitors. That’d be awesome.

I must say I’m relatively happy with my XP3000+ and radeon 9700 pro. The only upgrades I’d really like to do is double the RAM to put a gig in it and upgrade to a 9800xt. I won’t be doing that for a while, though.

Return to Castle Wolfenstien will give you perifial vison using three monitors with the Parhelia. Or maybe it was some other game, but there are definatly games that will span three screens.

My XP 1800+ still putzes along just fine. :slight_smile: