Ultimate FRC Motor Reference Sheet

I am compiling a reference sheet for practically all motors, the common gearboxes, and relevant equations used in FRC competition. I found a couple reference sheets like this on CD and other places around the community but they didn’t quite the level of detail or ease of use that I was hoping for. I made this to lower the barrier of entry for understanding the relationship between motors and the force and speed they impart.

I hope this can help bridge the gap between knowing “It will take X amount of force to shoot a ball” and “This motor has Y amount of torque” in that it lays out exactly which equations you can apply to the motor statistics to determine which motor and gearbox will work for a given task. And it should save some time being able to refer to a big poster on the wall rather than hunting around online.

Now here is where I need your help. I want to make sure the sheet is accurate and not missing any critical motors, gearboxes, or functions. Please feel free to tear it apart; do the gearboxes match the correct motors, are my equations incorrect or missing corner cases, is it readable? Whatever input you have I am glad to take. You will notice I am still missing a couple of values. Also, is there anything else I should add? I am thinking there are a couple more useful equations that I could squeeze in.

If you happen to like this, feel free to use it for yourselves or your teams. I would love for this to be a collaborative effort.
Chief Delphi Link
Ugly formatted GoogleDrive Link

Can you factor tolerances into this sheet? I’ve used enough motors to know not every cim was created equally.

Yeah, I was thinking about including tolerances. I’m not sure how useful having the specific tolerance listed would be however, maybe just a note on there saying something like “all performance values will vary”. Of course if the tolerances for certain motors are MUCH tighter or looser than others, then including that information would be necessary. Do you know of where I could even find tolerances for the Banebots and AndyMark motors though?

I ended up not adding tolerances, but I cleaned up the readability of the sheet a lot. Moved the gearboxes onto a separate sheet now and filled in the majority of the missing data I had I on the previous version. Finally, corrected a few minor mistakes.

FRC Motor Reference Sheet V3

I’m trying to download your reference sheet but I’m unable to is there another link you can provide if possible?

This paper is from 2014. There have been a lot of changes to the list of legal/common motors and gearboxes since then. If you’re looking for a similar list, I have a full list of motors with specs and decently-compiled list of drivetrain gearboxes on the Useful Values tab of my design spreadsheet.

But mine is preeeeeetty :smiley:

Samuel_perez2000, if you follow the link in the first post “Chief Delphi Link” you can download it. But go ahead and follow Ari’s advice (or search for theJVN Design Calc if you want a simpler one). I really only use this spreadsheet for educational purposes now, and it’s missing the 775Pro motor, the RedLine, and the NEO.

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