Ultimate Robot

Every year I think if I were able to go back on the year and rebuild my robot to be absolutely perfect what would the robot be like. For every game certain mechanisms teams use are unique to them and make them very good at that one thing. Ex. 125’s feeder/shooter in 2017 was near impossible to match, but they lacked on gear scoring, etc.

What are some design combinations you would put together to make your ultimate robot for any year of frc?


For 2019 my perfect robot would be:

8 wheel WCD (why my team does not do WCD, mentors think its not strong enough, which over complicates and makes our drive bases way heavier then they need to be every year)
195 turret concept/elevator (pending the black arms are within the bumper perimeter so they do not hit the rocket ship) This includes hatch placement and ball scoring
971 style ball ground intake
4613 style climb/buddy climb
254 field position tracking for turret
Hatch ground intake if possible

Might throw together a CAD model of this if i get bored enough this summer


I loved the strong cycler robot that we (95) made this year. The other robot that I think we could have made, that I didn’t see anyone else make, would be a defensive robot with a Redback climber and 1678 side-forks. I think a robot that could play ‘lights out d’ and then enable a single, double, or triple level 3 climb would have been a lot of fun.


I think 148 in 2015 was close to the perfect robot.


Using the basic frame of 3146’s robot as it was this season -

Keeping the elevator as is, but actually utilizing the high speed gearing on the elevator ballshifter (which we didn’t get to tuning due to time constraints)
1323 style dual wheel hatch intake (extendable on a low pressure piston or something that is compliant/springy when placing hatches), along with hatch detection
Lighter, more streamlined intake geometry overall for both cargo and hatches
LED strip for visual signalling to drivers of gamepiece acquisition/scoring
Suction level 3 climb
Lower gear ratio for higher acceleration rather than top speed
JeVois vision, which we had working in the shop but again due to time constraints, never made it to the final robot

Not directly robot related, but having more time for drive practice would have allowed us to get more potential out as well, looking forward to being able to do that next season with the removal of the bag.

2767/2910 swerve
2630 intake (both panels & LS cargo)
1323 elevator
973 climber
1114 auto mode
1323 ground intake (both panels & cargo)

2018: 254’s robot. Just that.

971’s drivetrain, but instead of 4x4 make it 6x6 with 2 omni wheels in front
118/1690 style turret and shooter
1323 fuel hopper
148 reveal video style fuel and gear intake
16/148/971 climber


I thought 971’s arm for 2014 was pretty dope.

I’d swap out 1323 ground panels intake for 1325s

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I think the robots with many DoF really dominated this year making the ideal robot configuration:

1323 swerve
254/3476 turret
971 side passthrough elevator
254 double jointed stinger/intake combo
1678 climber (unless contended by something with more large moving parts)


From my years in FIRST:

1323 swerve drive, 1684’s elevator, 1325’s intake but with the ability to also grab from the HP better, and a suction cup climb.
254’s robot minus the drivetrain on 2767’s swerve drive (I thought 1323 had the better swerve this year but not last year, not sure if either made any big changes just from what I’ve seen of all 4 robots).
2767’s swerve (it’s just too good), 1986’s shooter, 2767’s gear intake, and 180’s climber.

I can’t do 2016 just because there are so many ways to play the game (should it do low bar, should it not, etc.) that no one would ever make the perfect robot for that game. I still can’t think of what the best robot that year is, there are just so many good ones from 2016.


195’s elevator mounted turret was, indeed, the single most awesome meachnism of the entire season. I’m still geeking out about it.

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2018:1323 with 254 auto
2017: 2767 drive with 254 shooter.
2016: 254. IMO the best robot that year
2015: 148/1114. Hard to decide because bot robots were perfect at different objectives. 148 has a slight edge for the cool factor for me.

Can someone explain the engineering behind this? Gear goes in thru the back and under the robot. Gets pulled to the front and up. ???

Do we really need swerve and a turreted elevator?




2910 swerve drive, 254 rotating elevator, 195 elevator mounted turret.


Let’s just throw 4678’s triple jointed arm on that thing for even more degrees of freedom.

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Don’t forget the 987 active hatch centering mechanism.


we thought so too


Maybe not the ultimate robot but if I were upgrading my robot the only thing I would change is the cargo mechanism to be more like 1323’s. We currently have a flip through for cargo, I would change it to a straight pass through. And while we’re at it why not have software add a full auto sandstorm?