Ultrasonic Sensor Beam Width

We have been using the EZ1 ultrasonic sensor to detect how far away we are from the wall during the autonomous mode, but we’re running into problems with beam width. It is detecting other objects at a wide angle around it, so we are looking to narrow the beam width; however, we aren’t sure how to do this. On the datasheet, it mentions something about dowel width on page one, but it was rather unclear about how to implement this. Do you know of any strategies for reducing the beam width? Thank you!

Datasheet: http://www.maxbotix.com/documents/MB1010_Datasheet.pdf

The beam width on a sonar sensor is a function of the sensor. You could try to put a tube around the emitter - even a piece of paper might work to start with, but I wouldn’t hold out high hopes.

The dowel listed in the manual is used to show the sensor’s capabilities. Read the beam characteristics section.

We’ve used the maxbotics in the past, and we stay away unless we have a large, flat surface to reflect from. Even the vertical tubes in 2011 sometimes bounced a signal back at 10-15 feet and introduced too much variability to use the sensor consistently.

To change the beamwidth, you need a different sensor. Each model has a different beam width. Look on their site.

Okay, thanks so much!! We also have another version (HR-something), but it has an even wider beam. We will try out a paper cone tomorrow, but if worst comes to worst, there’s always dead reckoning or camera tracking.

Mind if I ask how far away from the wall you’re at when you want to measure, and which wall it is?