Ultrasonic sensors

Hi all

We (Team 3132) are thinking of using ultrasonic sensors on our robot. We’re wondering if there are any recommendations from other teams of which sensors to use, or not to use. Are there any restrictions (can’t see any listed in the rules)?


We have a little experience with a MaxBotix ultrasonic, would you reccomend this as a good ultrasonic for a rookie team? Or–even better–do you know of any plaves in Australia that sell good ultrasonic sensors?


Search ChiefDelphi for Maxbotix, there are a few threads on them.

In my opinion, they are a very good sensor, priced right too.

As for who sells them down under, contact Jaycar (you know who they are, right?) they sell one, or perhaps the tech wizards can suggest a better source. Or find a ham radio operator who can suggest some larger electronics distributors.

Thanks for the replies.

Unfortunately Jaycar doesn’t stock any - never has, apart from the transducer and receiver to make your own.

Thankfully I’ve found the Maxbotixs distributor in Australia, and the sensors are here: http://www.oceancontrols.com.au/Sensors/ultrasonic_polo.htm. Kinda pricey, but hopefully quicker than ordering from the US.