Ultrasonic Sensors?

Am I missing something or how does labview get the integer from the ultrasonic range finder? There isn’t an echo block to get the info back from the ping block. Do I need to create one myself? I also went through the blocks them selves and nothing is giving me an output.

If you are using the MaxBotix ultrasonic sensor that came in the 2012 Kit, then you do not program it through the LabVIEW FRC Ultrasonic vi’s.
The LV ultrasonic vi’s are for a different make/model of sensor.

The MaxBotix sensor can get wired for analog and plugged into the analog bumper, then accessed as a standard analog input. The analog value has a direct correlation to inches-to-target.
It can also be wired for digital and plugged into the sidecar.

There are code examples for both analog and digital from the LV Start page under Support -> Find FRC Examples…, then Sensors->EZ1…

how do we integrate the analog example to our robot project? I mean, how are we going to split the example into begin, teleop etc. VIs.

From the Getting Started page, look at:
Tutorials -> Tutorial 7 - Integrating Examples into Robot Code
Basically the Open, and the Sets go in Begin.vi, the Close in Finish.vi, and just Get Avg with the scaling factor applied might go in Teleop and/or Autonomous.