I need help, I’m trying to setup 4 Ultras using EasyC.
But I’m new at this and can’t get the program correct.
I get 1 working and try to add the next one, then nothing.
Can someone help me?

The easy c function has to be setting up a timer to time how long it takes from ping to reception of the ping. The function probably times out after 30 to 40 ms. Depending on how the initialize function is written, you may be able to in a loop initialize sonar one, read sonar 1, initialize sonar 2, read sonar 2, take action, loop goto sonar 1, ect.

I set the first sonar and it works great and haven’t noticed a time out on it.
It prints to screen as long as I obstruct it.
But I try to initialize the 2nd sonar and both sonars go dead or the first one goes out and the second one prints to screen.
It’s got to be my programming.
Can a pic be sent to this forum?

Does anyone have an example I could look at?