UMD Bitcamp Information

Hi guys! I’m Michael Younkin, the High School Coordinator for Bitcamp (, UMD’s hackathon on April 4-6. I heard that some of you are concerned about a conflict between the Chesapeake FIRST Robotics Regionals and our hackathon.

Our schedule is not completely worked out yet, but I can say with certainty now that you will be able to participate in both events if you choose (which would be awesome!). We will be in Cole Field House, which is a short 10-15 minute walk from the Comcast Center on UMD’s campus. Hacking at Bitcamp will begin at 9 pm on Friday, April 4 and end at 9 am on Sunday, April 6, and you may come and go as necessary during the hacking period to attend the robotics competition. After the hacking period you will need to be present in Cole Field House to present your app to judges. A sleeping area and showers will be available, and we’ll also have meals and snacks throughout the day and night.

Please note that we are not liable if anything you bring to Bitcamp gets damaged or stolen. We may be able to provide an enclosed area or a room for you to store your stuff while you attend the robotics competition, but we can’t guarantee its security, so you’ll probably want to bring your stuff with you to and from the Robotics Competition.

If you have any questions, post here and I’ll try to respond, or email us at

That would be perfect for me and at least 5 others who will be attending both the hackathon and the competition!

Thanks again for being able to accommodate us, Bitcamp!