Umm..what? (classmate harddrive)

So today we finally worked out the whole windows 7 on the classmate thing and got it running. So we assumed that the next logical step was to install labview.

Put it on a flashdrive, and when we went to install we realized that the classmate only has a 9.something gig hard drive, with windows taking up about 8 gigs. We uninstalled all the useless stuff we could (firefox, whatever we could do without)

The labview install is about 3 gigs.

That means you didn’t work out the whole Windows 7 thing :slight_smile:

Classmate Drive Space Recovery Procedure
Classmate Drive Space Installation Files

So we have to reimage AGAIN?

Why can’t this all be in one place, step by step


3rd times the charm

It keeps you busy…:slight_smile: