ummm... new playing field?

So is there going to be a new field next year for Leonardo da Vinci at the championships? I just noticed it at this link and I don’t know if I’ve totally been missing out on something or what because I literally just found out about it:

The FTC field is da Vinci field.

haha ok, thanks. That really clears things up for me. Never been to the championships before. :slight_smile:

Odd that they didn’t include Franklin and Edison!

Those are the divisions; are they named independently from the field they play on?

Yes and no.

da Vinci field hearkens back to the FVC days. The area used to be some of the FLL pits, as I recall, but when FVC (now FTC) came along it was designated as da Vinci field. It had 2 fields on it, if I recall correctly, for the pilot year; I don’t remember later years.

When FTC needed divisions, da Vinci field was split into the Edison and Franklin fields/divisions, much like FRC’s Archimedes/Curie/Galileo/Newton split (when it happened–that’s before my time, but as I recall divisions rotated between fields, including Einstein).

For the past three years, Edison teams have played on the two field on the left or South side of the FTC area. Franklin teams have played on the two fields on the right or North side of the FTC area. Each year they have been referred to by the Emcees as the Edison and Franklin fields. I can’t say if that’s official or by convention. The World Championship Campus Map shows them named Edison and Franklin. Da Vinci doesn’t appear on the map.

Teams in the Elimination rounds were told to report to the Da Vinci fields. At that point no distinction was made between Edison and Franklin. Edison teams played their elimination rounds on the Edison fields and Franklin teams played their elimination rounds on the Franklin fields. Final rounds were played on the Franklin fields renamed Da Vinci.

FIRST should correct the web page.

usfirst has a new web page! It’s pretty cool, but FRC seems to be the same for now.