unable to connect camera

We are unable to connect to the Camera directly. what i mean is that when we hook up my camera directly to the computer with a crossover cable, it doesn’t work. When we have our camera show up in the Axis camera station software, it appears to have the wrong IP address so as a result, it doesn’t get a feed. when we try to assign it a new IP address, it refuses to accept the new one by saying the setup thing failed. we think it might be due to a differnt subnet mask but we don’t know how to fix this problem. any thoughts on this?
-Team 2202

If I recall correctly, there is a little recessed button on the back of the camera which will have it reset to factory default. Try holding it down for a bit with the power on. This will reset the IP of the camera to whatever it’s supposed to be. Then try again from the start of the camera directions.

Make sure you’re following the directions exactly.

Try setting your PC to an IP address of
Connect the camera via your cross-over cable.
Probably reset the camera to it’s default factory settings, as Josh suggested, to be sure a network setting isn’t messed up.
Run “Setup Axis Camera”
Then try using Vision Assistant