Unable to connect to roboRIO/Can't image roboRIO

Hi, My team was trying to image the roboRIO, but the imaging tool doesn’t recognize our roboRIO. We only instaled the Update suit since we program on Java.

Can you help us to get our roboRIO showing up in the imaging tool?


Are you connected via USB/Ethernet? Make sure you can see the ip of the Rio (

Check your connection and IP addresses, that could be the problem. If there are forums for the RoboRIO (maybe there is one on NI’s site, but I don’t know), you should check there for proper help.

I wrote a similar process here: Trying to get our 2016 bot to work

In short:

  1. Make sure your roboRIO is powered correctly (POWER LED)
  2. Make sure your roboRIO does not have software faults (STATUS LED)
  3. Make sure you are using USB
  4. Make sure the computer can see the device (before any NI software) using the ping command
  5. Check the diagnostics tab in the DS for more info in the connection
  6. Make sure you don’t have anti-virus or firewalls balocking the access to the port or the application
  7. Make sure you are the administrator account (and running the imaging tool as admin)
  8. If you have problems with the firmware update, please visit 2019 FRC Firmware Update Failing

Let us know your results.

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make sure the RIO is not connected to any other electronics besides power and USB.
Seriously, disconnect everything else, it works.

Another thing to try is booting your RIO into safe mode if it still doesn’t work after trying all the above.


I’d add: 3a. If you have more than one roboRIO, disconnect or disable the Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet connections on the machine you’re using for imaging.

Last year I nearly bricked a roboRIO because I thought I was updating the one attached via USB, but I was actually updating one that appeared via Wi-Fi that several students were using for testing (and that therefore they were power cycling on a regular basis).


Thank you everyone. It turned out to work after i entered SafeMode and disabled my firewalls.


Gee! Many teams seem to stumble into that problem. Is this a bad/intermittent USB connexion problem?