Unable to drive the robot

Hey guys,

I’ve read the CTE migration manual.

  • PWM motors work.
  • PCM works.

I’m unable to make our robot drive with the differentialdrive. It just does not respond.

Also, I get this error :

ERROR 103 CTR: Firm Vers could not be retrieved. Use Web-based config to check ID and firmware(CRF) version. Talon SRX 12
at Device_LowLevel::CheckFirmVers(int, int, ctre::phoenix::ErrorCode)
at ctre::phoenix::motorcontrol::lowlevel::MotController_LowLevel::SetDemand(ctre::phoenix::motorcontrol::ControlMode, int, int)
at c_MotController_SetDemand
at Java_com_ctre_phoenix_motorcontrol_can_MotControllerJNI_SetDemand

How code is located here.

  • We are using a Command based Robot.
  • The command to drive is DriveWithJoystick.java
  • The system for the drive train is DriveTrain.java

Thanks for helping us

What version firmware did you put on the Talons?

It’s been done…

The article is a loop. There’s nothing under this link.

The web-base says that I need to update the Firmware… I know, but where do I find the 3.1 CRF file?

It’s not under the Users/Public/Documents/FRC. The only thing I have is the 2.00

Please don’t reply with this link

It should be in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cross The Road Electronics\LifeBoat\HERO Firmware Files , and called “TalonSrx-Application-3.1-FRC2018.crf”. Is it not there?

el_pablo, please e-mail our support: [email protected]

If the firmware file is not present on the same computer you’ve installed Phoenix on, something is wrong and we need to understand the situation.

Ok, I found the problem. I have done the LifeBoat thing on a VM, but I was working with another computer to communicate with the Roborio.

Be sure the latest Phoenix Framework is installed on the right computer…