Unable to effectively deploy robot code

We show that the code is successfully established in vs code, but the code without robot is displayed in driver station. And we do work effectively when deploying other robot code. Can you help us?

If the code crashes it shows no code. Do you have any errors in your console? Check for creating device objects with duplicate CAN IDs or with CAN IDs that don’t yet exist on the robot. Or for using a not yet created object (Null Pointer Exception)

All IDs are correct

Any errors in your driver station console. Your code is most likely crashing upon initialization.
I should also ask does the deploy script give any errors?
Do you have a 2022 image on your RIO?

Without any error prompt, I have image RIO,Do I need to re image it?

You don’t need to re-image if you have a 2022 image and you said other 2022 code deploys successfully? Again, you should have something in the console of your driers station console or logs. I am guessing a Null Pointer Error but it could be a CAN conflict or something else.

Start FRC Driver Station and Deploy again, try to start it, and then right click on the the gear on the right. Choose view console. Then post what is there. That should give you some information about why the code won’t start.

Thank you. We’ll try it

If you’re deploying from VS Code, you can also start the RioLog tool to see the console messages in a more friendly way (one that won’t be scrolling continuously, and hard to cut and paste etc)

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