Unable to Format a Brand new roborio 2.0 or load NI License

We purchased a brand new Roborio 2.0 and in the imaging tool the
format button is greyed out and the version firmware file is greyed out.
I upgraded all the NI files last Sunday. I went to the First Inspires site to
get the license number for this year and I only see a B0xxxxxxx number,
not a 20-digit license number. I did not deinstall NI Labview I just upgraded it.
Am I missing something.? Is there a bug in the latest imaging tool like a few
years ago? I did try calling First Inspires but the person who answered could
not answer the question after a 55-minute wait, but someone may email me back.
I looked for known software bugs also. The edit function in the imaging tool let me change the team number. I ran the imaging tool in administrator and
turned off the virus scanner and it made no difference. I have loaded the latest game tools. Thanks for your help in advance.

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You cannot image a Roborio 2 with the imaging tool. You must image the micro sd card directly.

It is in the documentation: Imaging your roboRIO 2 — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation


“I only see a B0xxxxxxx number,
not a 20-digit license number”

Note: “BOxxxxxxx” is your Serial Number. You submit your Serial Number with your PC ID that you get from the NI License Manger to NI. NI will then send you a unique the 20-digit KEY that will only work for that PC. You will get an unique 20-digit key for each PC that that you install it on.


Thanks Vyo . I was able to image the RoboRio2 using the instructions.

Thanks for the Information. I did not know they changed the process.

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