Unable to get RoboRio USB Camera to Work

WE are trying to get a Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 camera to work with our RoboRio.

As soon as we connect the camera, we observe the following error messages on the driver’s station:

ERROR:ioctl VIDIOX_S_CTRL failed at UsbCameraProperty.cpp:72: Input/output error (UsbUtil.cpp:122)

Looking at the RoboRio’s web interface, I can see the USB camera show up on the attached devices list, but as soon as its connected, I also see 2 “unknown” devices which show up as:

(and the other one is ::3::RAW)

Any ideas what’s wrong?

This is admittedly unlikely, as a repeat-issue. I don’t have any notes on the roboRIO-web’s USB status from the event, but last year as a CSA we assisted a team which went from working-to-non-working vision status within the event, with no code-change.

The key finding was that somehow the usb0 port on the rio apparently ‘broke’ (internally?). For whatever reason when the camera was change from one physical usb port to the other it began working again. Aside from a usb-port change a rio-swap wouldn’t hurt…

For what it is worth - we get three of those errors, but the camera appears to be working fine (we get streaming images to the proper widget on the SmartDashboard). 2 are at UsbCameraProperty.cpp:66 and the third is at UsbCameraProperty.cpp:72. If you watch the construct / init, we are trying to do two ‘property’(?) changes - one for the image resolution and one for the FPS … so it lines up with the two exceptions.

Yeah, we kind of see the same thing… It works…

Really strange.