Unable to image CompactRIO/cRIO

We get this message when we try to image it.

Unable to assign an IP address for the cRIO Device. Ensure the IP Reset Switch on the cRIO Device is turned off.

We believe the IP reset is off. Any suggestions?

What leads you to believe that the IP reset is off?

The switch on the cRIO is pressed down on the side that says off and we tried it the other way and that didn’t work.

We had the same problem, make sure the safe mode switch is off and you are going through the 1st ethernet port on the cRio.

Safe mode is off and we are connected to Ethernet port 1and we get the same message.

Always image while “hard wired” (tethered) and not wireless. Try turning off the wireless adapter in the pc doing the imaging so that it only has one network adapter. Fix the ip address of the pc to 10.x.x.6 (where x.x is your team number) Sometimes the imaging software will try to use the wrong network adapter. This may not be it but something to try.