Unable to launch SmartDashboard

Our team was hoping to use the java SmartDashboard to tune some PID values this year, but every time we launch it on our classmate it comes up as a window with a white rectangle in the top-right corner and the other three quarters of the window black. Launching through the command line showed that the SmartDashboard is starting fine and making connection with the robot. I have re-installed both the NI-Update and the WPILib packages to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated. I will post images of the issue on Monday when I can access our classmate.

Are you trying to launch smart dashboard or smart dashboard 2.0 (SFX). Also if you follow the instructions here you can find the command that the driver-station is running when it tries to start the driver-station.

As far as I know I am trying to launch the Smart Dashboard (C:\Users\Developer\wpilib ools\smartdashboard.jar) not the SFX one.
If you are referring to changing the driver station command in the “FRC DS Data Storage.ini” such that it launches the java smart dashboard as default, I have done that as per the instructions on the wpilib website, to no avail.