"Unable to open resource files."

After getting the classmate PC out of the KOP, I immediately tried to boot up Labview, and got a little vbs prompt that said, “Unable to open resource files,” and Labview refuses to open. This chain of events persisted on launch, even after the mandatory update, and is a bit annoying as it takes a potential programming computer out of the mix.

Has anyone else had this error, and/or got any ideas on how to repair it?

hmmm, I am not sure if this will do anything but have you tried installing the labview update on the classmate? We have done all our programming on another computer because I think it will be difficult to program on a small screen

We tried the update, and we got nowhere. We could technically run with no Labview on the classmate as we do have a dedicated Programming machine that works fine, but it would be nice to have another machine in the mix, as we are a bit strapped for cash this year and could use all the physical machines we could get.

Don’t ask me how your laptop was special, but that indicates a corrupted install. To be certain, please post the exact message. It may be possible to hand patch a file or two, or it may be best to restore from the USB key in the kit.

Greg McKaskle

That’s what it said post update, “Unable to open resource files.” Pre update, it said there was a file either interfering with or a corrupted kernel32, and if I am just going to flash the drive anyway, I might as well try a DIY patch.

Now will I have to reinstall Labview after the patch, or is it all inclusive?

I believe that the LV image is on the restore image, but I don’t actually have one, so you should get verification from someone who has used one.

I think the easiest thing to do is contact technical support at NI and ask them to send you the resource directory zipped up. If that doesn’t work, it is either time to reinstall LV from the DVDs or to do the USB restore.

Greg McKaskle