Unable to properly deploy code

I believe it is an issue with the new Image (v47), but we’ll let you decide…

LV install = good.
Re-image = went ok (both DS and cRIO)
Code Build = good

Deploy…LabView opens little text window, starts deploying, gets as far as deploying robotmain.vi, then says that connection to the RealTime target has been lost, then spits out “Waiting for connection” twice, and then nothing happens.

Nothing. Tried waiting for 10 minutes.

I checked Resource Monitor, and LV is saying 2 bytes/sec out and same in.

FWIW, just simple out-of-the-box Mecanum with modified PWM numbers.

If you have code deployed to the robot and are attempting to connect or deploy to it, you may run into a bug in SmartDashboard. To avoid this and/or test it, close the Dashboard and see if the deploy succeeds. For more information, there is another thread about this and it is on the known issues list and will be corrected shortly.

Greg McKaskle