Unable to read values from the dashboard

I am programming our teams robot to do vision tracking from the dashboard. I have the vision working but I can’t figure out how to send integer variables for scale, left and right etc.

from the dashboard to the robot. I have tried following examples from labview but its not working. 

Right now I have smart dashboard controls in the robot code that are supposed to get values from indicators on the dashboard. I have triple checked that the names on the indicators match the names i used in the smart dashboard controls.
At this point i have no idea what to do.

Vi in robocode.jpg

Vi in robocode.jpg

That looks okay on the robot side.

What does your Dashboard code look like and where is it placed on the Front Panel too?

Here is the code in the dashboard.
Its placed in the custom tab in the vi.

If I’m reading the Dashboard magic properly, only unwired controls or indicators become Smart Dashboard variables automatically. You can either 1) remove the wires and move them to Local Variables to set the front panel value “remotely”, or 2) add SD Write Number functions to set the SD values explicitly.

Really!? Thanks for the info. That would have been a good ‘hint’ to add in the tutorials.

I tried using SD write number functions to set the indicators(SD values). I hooked up a slider to a write function but the value on the indicators didn’t change.

I am not sure I completely understand this part. So should i make the front panel values into local variables or should i update the front panel values with local variables. Doesn’t the latter still mean that the front panel variables are still wired?

I am trying to make sure i have a working answer before Monday.

In the mean time is there any other way to send values from the dashboard to the robot?