Unable to see regular threads


I can only see stickied threads, which is proving to be quite annoying to me as I am trying to find a thread regarding something else (integrating blue alliance onto a website).

Now, I’m unsure what the problem is, and if it could be resolved, I would give my many thanks to those who help.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QS8Ox6-T7g3NtQEP9CqrG3g6WTGSkU5X

Anyway, thanks in advance to whomever may come to fix my issue.


Vynncentgm- Can you post a screenshot of the general forum like that you posted of the Support forum? That may give a little more info for us to be able to help fix your issue.



Sure! I didn’t look in the general one beforehand, but that seems to work:

However, what occurred in the screenshot in OP appears for Website Design/Showcase:



At the bottom, click the dropdown that says “Last Month” and choose something else.


Wow, it seems that I don’t frequent the forum enough lol. That fixed it.

Normally, forums that I visit show all posts from the beginning, and I didn’t think of checking the display options at all. Ah well, I think everybody has a moment like this at some point or another.

Well, thank you all for your help!