Unable to select photonvision pipelines

Can not get robot code to select photonVision pipelines. We were able to do it last season using photonVision v2023.4.2.

Running PhotoVision v2024.1.1-beta-3.2. Verified in photonlib.json and Photon Client Settings.

Shuffleboard will display Input and output camera images.

If I use Photon Client Dashboard to select pipelines, images and pipeline data responds as desired.

If I use robot code to select pipeline. No response.

The RioLog give the following every 10 or so seconds.

NT: DISCONNECTED NT4 client ‘photonvision@2’ (from
NT: NT4 socket error: socket is not connected
NT: Got a NT4 connection from port 48164
NT: CONNECTED NT4 client ‘photonvision@2’ (from





Seems like the backend crashed when it received the request to change pipelines. Could you send the logs from the backend if they were saved or try to recreate this and export the logs so we can better trace where and what is causing the crash?

Solved my problem. Apparently I could not run the v2024.1.1 versions of photoVision with the 2023 version of robot code.
I copied a v2023.4.2 version of photonlib.json into vendordeps and loaded v2023.4.2 into the raspberryPi and now I can select pipelines from the robot code.


Wait, so is 2024 beta 3.2 photonvision on the raspberry pi and 2024 beta 3.2 photonlib on your robot not a working combo?

I spent way too much time screwing with things, so when I got it to work with v2023.4.2, I quit worrying about things. Looking at my original post I see that my photonLib was beta-3.2, while the rPi version was beta-3. I do not know if that was my problem. With 2023 robot code, I was only able to select pipelines with v2023.4.2.

This effort is for a Fall event, so I do not need to use the latest version of PhotonVision.

Thanks for your work on PhotonVision. It is sometimes painful to old programmers, but we have successfully used it for the last 2 years.