Unable to set output to talon srx via can

Hi, my team and I have been trying to move a couple motors using talon srx motor controllers without success. We have installed everything (including the phoenix tuner and ctre labVIEW libraries) and get the following error on the driver station:

(I would post our code but chief delphi wont let me post more than one picture (I’m a new user))

Has anyone else run into this problem? We’ve been at it the whole day and nothing seems to work

Did you use the Phoenix Tuner to install the libraries on your roboRIO?


If it’s only one file you can try using a gist/hastebin to paste your code.

(psst, I think you missed the part where they’re using LabVIEW)

Oh, shoot. Disregard that! I’m just a java guy

That sounds similar to

Can you try the procedure I posted? Contact [email protected] if you need help walking through the procedure.

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Make sure you have checked the AutoLibDeploy when installing LabVIEW.

When using this option, the library should appear in the Project’s lib auto-populating folder.

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That’s not the root-cause. Otherwise they would get a different error (“Did you forgot to Tuner”).

Read the actual DS message.

But any other circumstance, you would be right.

Yep this was it, after that we just reinstalled the libraries on the roboRIO using the tuner and everything worked!

Thanks to everyone who posted.

Permanently install your LV app (build, run-as-startup), power cycle, and confirm your app runs after a clean boot.

If you don’t do this, then you can’t be sure you are “out of the woods”.