Unable to set up wireless

I followed the directions in the manual for rookie wireless setup step-by-step, but when it comes to the last step (unplug the bridge and try to talk to it wirelessly) it can’t find it. When the bridge is plugged into the router, we can ping it and access the pages to set it up with without any problems.

Also, we have tried the following steps to fix it, to no avail:
-turn off ClassmatePC built in wireless
-power down the bridge and router for an extended period, then power up and see if it works

If anyone who has experienced similar problems could give us help, we would be extremely grateful.

Set the bridge for 2.4ghz OR 5ghz


I’ll echo this. There is a typo in the manual that says to set the router to 2.4 GHZ while it leaves the game adapter at 5ghz. From my limited experience I have not seen a difference between the two for driving around. The main thing you need to do is have the same setting on both router and game adapter

Set both to 5 ghz. The 5 ghz spectrum is better suited(right now) for robotics and other applications that require reliable connections.

Rookie teams got a router that only supports 2.4 ghz.