Unable to use 16h5 AprilTags in Photonvision

Hi! I’m a student from team 3880 and am currently attempting to set up our vision system before kickoff. Our team is using Limelight 2+ and the photon vision software in hopes of detecting 16h5 Apriltags as we heard they’ll be in use for the upcoming game. However, for some reason we only have the option to detect 36h11 target family Apriltags? Photonvision seems to say that they support 16h5 tags but we are unsure of how to get to this stage. I am unable to provide a picture of what I am referring to at the moment, but will attach one soon.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

What version of photonvision are you using?

Chances are you used a beta gloworm image which has beta 5. Wait until tomorrow when we hopefully release and use the new image.

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