Unable to use camera set VI's on dashboard

Our team is trying to use the labview VI’s to set up the camera in the dashboard. Last year it worked, but when we try adding the camera open VI’s to the dashboard this year, it starts importing all of the robot library’s and the dashboard will not run after that point. The read Mjpg VI works, but no other camera VI’s work from the dashboard. Is there a reason for this change, because it worked last year.

The camera VIs were changed in order to support simulation.

I believe that the Camera Open has a parameter than makes it skip calling that stuff.

Greg McKaskle

I tried setting that, and it still didnt work. It still adds all the libraries as dependencies, and then when you build it it does not work correctly. It works if you run the VI manually, but as soon as you build it the executable will not start because it looks for libraries it can not find. Is there a solution to make it not add those dependencies?

We’ve had the same thing. Were using java on the root, and lv for the dashboard, but this yea we can’t put any of the camera set vi’s on the dashboard because it loads the simulation stuff. Also, from what we’ve seen from helping rookie teams in our area, LabView is much slower than last year at loading because of the simulation stuff. Is there a way for all of the simulation tools to be removed from the library?

If you choose one of the templates without simulation, it shouldn’t impact load or build time.

If your project has simulation, you can right-click on the sim files under My Computer target and remove them from the project.

If you are running the dashboard on a computer without the LV development environment, your app will try to load the simulator and that is annoying. You should be able to use the conditional disable structure or delete the code from the Open and use a Save As to give it a dashboard-centric name.

Greg McKaskle

So when you add the camera open vi, it adds all of the simulation files to the project. From that point on, even if you tell the camera open vi to not allow simulation it still tries to use the simulation library’s and fails to run. This is all with a clean dashboard project.

There are two versions of the Camera Open, one for robot and one for PC. The PC version previously was only used for dashboard. This year, it was also used for simulated robots, and the simulated code was added to it. When this was done, a parameter was added to avoid running the simulated code when used for dashboard. But the LV compiler still compiles in the simulated code because it can’t tell that you won’t call it at some point.

You only need to call Open if you are trying to set camera properties like resolution. These can also be set on the robot. That is what I recommend until the dashboard and simulated camera usage is resolved.

Greg McKaskle

Wow, I completely missed that you could make a project without simulation. Thanks for pointing that out!