Unassembled Drivetrain-wheels only

Team 1802 has decided after lots of debate and research that we will be going with a tank drive system using all belts and 16 wheels of fury. There will also be a suspension system included with this massive system.:smiley:


Why the suspension? The field is flat. Also with all those wheels your traction will be dispered and reduced. Great engenearing project though

If you need a suspension idea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xby0SOphLUg&feature=channel_page

What is the advantages to the “16 wheels of fury”:smiley: as they are called? I would imagine that you gain very little traction as your weight would be spread out over 16 wheels (7.5 pounds per wheel) as opposed to 4 wheels (30 pounds per wheel?

The pros to a minor suspension system would guarantee all of your wheels are on the ground even if your frame is slightly tweaked from perfectly flat in a hard hit or something.

Do enlighten us on the 16 wheels though.

I have a feeling that the thread starter may have been a little facetious about his team’s drivetrain intentions.

I, too, would also like to see the reasoning behind this behemoth of a project for Lunacy.

Man, I thought our team would be the only one with a 16-wheeled beast…

Guess I was wrong…

Looks good though, those wheel assemblies look exactly like the ones we made.

Why stop at 16? We’ve got sixteen wheels per side.

We’ve got 16 per crab module.

Well, to be honest, only 2 per module.

Someone’s gotta say it

We have over 9000 wheels!

better yet weve got two, lol jk

And we have one; one of our team members is an avid unicyclist, so he taught us how to do it.