unbag at champs

We put our robot in the bag and then in the crate. I see we can uncrate when we load in. When can we unbag?

After the Robot Inspector signs your lock up form?

Last year, Frank basically came out and said “just unbag, no inspector”


I haven’t heard anything this year about that, but I wonder if that was a one time thing, or if that’ll be every year. Kind of makes it silly to have to worry about bagging after your last qualifying competition.

I wouldn’t expect anything until next week when all the robots are packed snug in their crates at Championships. Give the logistics of 600 + teams I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens again, but don’t assume so. The bag & tag is really a honer system anyway.

That is what I would have expected but there is nothing in the Team Guide about unbagging.
Uncrating yes
inspecting yes
unbagging no.
The reason I ask is because our bot is disassembled in such a way that the crate is supporting our conveyor. If we remove it from the crate we have to support that conveyor in some way or it will rest entirely on our energy chain and that would be bad.