UnBagging Robot

Your able to un-bag the robot 3 times 2 hours each time. are you able to un-bag for 1 hour then re bag it and use that other hour later?

No, the least you can open it for is 2 hours. You can open it for 3 hours for two days or 6 hours on one day. But the total can’t exceed 6 and the least should be 2

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but we can open it 3 times 2 hours each time


G. Teams attending 2-day events may access their ROBOTS using the ROBOT Access Period.


The six hours may be broken up in any way the team wishes, with the exception that no single access period may be shorter than two (2) hours.

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You can use it for the 6 hours straight

The OP seems to be asking about the 2-day event Robot Access Period, not the robot Display exemption.

They are in the Ontario District.



:+1: Thanks for the clarification.

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