Uncooperative Alliance Partners

We had a match that went down like this: the team was VERY late to arrive at queue and we were running nearly sequential matches so we didn’t get a chance to talk in the pits. As they arrive we talk through the match strategy and all get on the same page. As teams are being announced I noticed that their human player is still in the driver’s station when he is supposed to be running the portal. I ask him what he is doing and he responds, “we don’t uses the portal, theres no need for me to go down there”. It takes me a solid 3-5 minutes to convince him we use the portal and he FINALLY walks down and reluctantly takes his spot. Low and behold our switch is on that side of the field and he needs to feed us 5 cubes…close one!

I’m not complaining because this team made a mistake. I’m wondering what our team/alliance could have done when one of our alliance partners deliberately changed strategy in the middle of the match, abandoning their role.

We know we didn’t play our role perfectly. We didn’t pick up cubes as fast as we should and had robot communication issues in the (I believe) second match.

I’m not sure the point you’re trying to make here.

Out of curiosity, what did they say after the match? And how did your team handle the situation?

Hey at least they moved around lol that’s better than 2 no shows

You need to have a backup strategy for situations where everything goes wrong, for instance one match the rope for our climber got stuck in our drivetrain and could only make certain direction movements, if we had a backup strategy our partners would have know to push us the last few feet onto the platform instead of us both just kind of driving around each other

For both the partners we had asked what happened and the other alliance partner joined in as well. Our one partner had mid-game decided to go for the enemy’s switch because they thought it was of greatest importance. The other alliance didn’t offer much of an explanation, and said that it “didn’t really matter because we won.”

We try to deal with these things as nicely as we can because we don’t wanna blow up at someone during competition or make a bad impression on their team. It was disappointing of course, but the only thing you can hope for is better communication in other matches. If one decided to change strategy mid-game, they should try to notify the other drive coaches so we can also adapt. If one isn’t sure of their position, they should bring it up before we go into competition.

So… what you’re saying is that you, as the Alliance Captain (I’m assuming–other option would be the 2 pick) set the strategy with input from everybody and this particular team decided to go their own way… after playing the strategy for two matches… in the QFs.

Did they have a good reason?

If they did not, then my opinion is that they should be on your DNP list, and your “inform alliance captain that this team may have issues following the strategy” list. No other penalty necessary.

If you hadn’t been eliminated, your other–and harsher–option would have been to call in a backup robot. Not that that would fix the root problem, which would be a lack of communication and a lack of wanting to follow the strategy.

I wonder if the student drive team intended to go along with the alliance’s strategy, but were later told by a mentor to do something else?

my personal rule is, you let the better team of your alliance, come up with the strategy you can suggest it but ultimately in my opinion it should be there call. Likewise if there is a team, battling for a picking spot, and your not i also advise them to finalize the strategy. Finally when finals comes around it becomes the alliance captains responsibility to okay strategy

Being nice and listening in pre-match is important. Too many times to count I have seen an “elite” team (or just a team that thinks they are) start giving orders in a qualifying match instead of trying to arrive at a workable strategy everyone agrees upon. I have seen teams give in and agree, essentially under duress, to such demands. On the other hand, sometimes drivers just decide to go off and do what they want and ignore the fact that they have teammates. We certainly put teams that don’t cooperate and teams that want to dictate what everyone else does on the do not pick list. We have even not picked a “better” robot at the Championships because of this attitude.

how many wins you got?

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How many wins do you have again?

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Uhh…looks like more than your team.


Current match wins.

Marshall, did you show up to another event and refuse to climb?

I’m waiting on someone to start a “Managing other team’s expectations” thread at this point.

Uhh does going the whole way back to 2008 count?

win is a win it doesnt matter when the team got it.

A team is only as good as their last match.

Tell that to Cleveland Browns fans.

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