Undecided about the 2008 presidential election?

McCain or Obama? :confused:

Who even knows? :rolleyes:

I don’t, that’s for sure! :ahh:

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that don’t know, and that’s perfectly fine. But, instead of voting for McCain or Obama, why can’t we undecided FIRSTers elect one of our own?? How about a Kamen/Flowers campaign? Surely they would win! When election day comes this November, I am going to put down Dean Kamen for president and Woodie Flowers for vice president. If we get enough people, surely we can affect this election! So I ask you, as a nation of FIRST participants and supporters, to elect Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers to the White House!

Wow…I never thought of this haha

that seems like a pretty decent idea. i keep wanting to get to know the 2 candidates, and politics in general haha. i never understood politics!

i’m sure if enough people on here were unsure of their vote, dean and woodie would make an impact. i dont think they could win, but can’t we at least beat like Ralph Nader or someone? lol

Because Dean and Woodie aren’t busy enough already :]

Seriously though, I’d encourage everyone to take the time and find a realistic candidate that can do some good for this country.

Obama has my vote. Especially if Evan Bayh joins as his VP.

Or, lets program a president. That way at least his flip flops will be pseudo random :slight_smile:

Quick word of warning, CD rules say that any political material may not be placed in your signature. Right now this seems like nothing more than a satirical take on the election which is fine. If there is any discussion of the actual candidates please keep it friendly and a discussion, not a debate.

There are more than just two candidates that you can look for without resorting to silliness like voting for Dean Kamen or Alfred E. Neuman.

The additional parties from the last election who put forth legitimate candidates that received more than 10000 votes (in order of votes received) included Libertarian, Constitution, Green, Peace and Freedom, Socialist, and Socialist Workers. There are also independent candidates, and smaller parties.

These parties and more have candidates in the upcoming election as well. Each one of these parties also has clear, detailed information about their platforms and policies.

The point is, there are many candidates that actually do want people voting for them, so find a party or person you can truly believe in and vote for that.


YES! Dean & Woodie `08 :smiley:

Okay then, I won’t put anything in my signature, just in the main body of this message.

Obama is too Socialist for my tastes. If you want to find “a realistic candidate that can do some good for this country” either VOTE FOR DEAN! or vote McCain. Enough said.

I know, just keep in mind that people can have different opinions and you have to respect them. I wasn’t saying anything bad about this thread or saying not to discuss it. Just mentioning that you must be careful how you discuss it. Politics and religion tend to fire people up.

I know, but you said nothing in your signature. I don’t even have a signature.

I think you meant in the body of the message.


I think I’ll vote for your hat :slight_smile:

Signature or body of the message … if it gets out of hand, the thread will be closed.

The most important thing that you, young and old voters, need to do is look at the candidates platform and decide if the candidate represents your views. Please vote based on REAL issues, such as their energy, immigration, education, economic, welfare, foreign, scientific, defense and domestic policies.

Be informed and do your homework.

If you write down who you want as president it will be disregarded no matter what. Secondly, any one that is “into politics” wouldn’t vote for Dean and Woodie because they haven’t done anything “political”. They are great men who have done great things, but there is a reason that they didnt go to school to get a political science degree. Both McCain and Obama have websites where you can find there platform along with many other things. I’m pretty sure they each have their own youtube accounts as well. Personally, I like McCain, but everyone should become involved and make their own decission.

Personally, I know which candidate I want to win, but realistically, I live in NY and practically no matter what, Obama will win NY. The democratic candidate will win in NY, so in reality, if I vote for Kamen, Obama, or McCain, it won’t matter at all. (Though I have decided already which of McCain or Obama I will vote for).

Just an extra special word to all of you who will be 18 or older this election year - especially if it is your first chance to vote in an election.

**Register to vote. **Then go vote. I know it’s easy to say “My vote does not make a difference” or, “my state will go one way no matter what I choose”. However, using that sort of logic diminishes the right to vote of every person you know of that age - including your parents, your siblings, your teachers, your mentors, your friends…believe in the difference you make by marking a ballot.

For those of you who do not live in the same state / location year-around, absentee voting deadlines often come extremely early. You must generally register to vote, and then request an absentee ballot (at least in Indiana). I recall that our registration deadline is October and absentee is somewhere soon after. This is often a valid decision if you want more say in the representatives from the are you are from, not just the state you work in for a while or attend school in.

Keep it peachy please!

The most important thing that you, young and old voters, need to do is look at the candidates platform and decide if the candidate represents your views… Be informed and do your homework.

If studying platfoms comes first then I have a 2-part recommendation for what comes zero-th (because I distrust platforms and the processes that create them, and I believe actions speak louder than words).

0.a) Notice what powers are granted to the president/executive by the constitution (and give a little weight to the “bully pulpit” influence presidents exert over other parts of the government), and then ignore any claims candidates make about how they will accomplish objectives that simply are not within their power.

0.b) Look at the candidates’ parties’ platforms from several recent campaigns, and count how many of their planks actualy were accomplished and yielded the intended or promised net results.

Then carry out some of the other suggestions found in this thread.

Me - I personally like this approach to politics - “Any man who is under 30 and is not a Liberal has no heart; and any man who is over 30 and not a Conservative has no brains.” :wink:

Quite obviously, healthy bodies need both hearts and brains.


I really liked both candidates before they started running for presidental office. I guess it’s going to come down to who they pick as running mates. I’m excited because this will be my first presidental election that I can vote in

If this is the first election you will take part in and you wish to vote absentee, there may be additional requirements than normal. That’s to help guard against fraud.

Whatever the requirements are, you usually have to complete voting so that your ballot can be received back in your home district by election day. Plan ahead.

I absolutely refuse to elect either to any positions.

There’s a difference between being able to run an organization, company, or whatever, and being a political figure and President.

Also this is treading in the whole creepy “Dean Kamen is god” complex and the unnecessary pop idolization of him.

I’m personally leaning my vote towards one candidate already, but waiting upon the announcement of the two leading candidate’s VP selections.

I did NOT vote in the last election, & this was a contributing factor.

I did not like Lieberman who was going with Gore so in turn he was out in my mind (kinda regrettably thinking back on that decision), & I did not like G.W even more, so he was out (don’t regret not voting for him, that’s for sure).
We all know how the election turned out, & it was what it was & I could personally care less how that went. These past 4 years have been rough all around economy wise, & with other issues global & local, so this year I will be voting.

I believe if you do not vote, you can’t complain about anything that’s going wrong. I’ve bit my tounge these last 4 years because of that fact, & this year I will be voting no matter what, so I can not only have a voice this year, but also so I can complain about issues in the future without anyone saying I can’t because I didn’t have a voice when November rolled around.

(I just still have to go register. - Why can’t that be done online? Ughh…)