Undefeated Teams 2012

My team, the Bedford Express, won all of our matches at Detroit and I’m curious if any other teams that have competed in at least one competition have gone undefeated, as in they have yet to lose any match in either qualifications or finals.

Also, good luck to the teams competing this weekend!

Yep! We are undefeated right now :smiley:

We tied 1 match at Tennessee (25-25). However during that match our robot blew a fuse and we were unable to shoot balls. This match was also against our eventual alliance partner team 234. We won our 2nd Finals match with 234 died on the field, and won by a double balance with our second pick team 3259.

See you in St.Louis!!

So here’s my best shot, in a style some of you may recognize:

2056 was almost undefeated at GTR East, though they tied one qualification match (Q30, 44-44) and their elimination alliance lost the first of their semifinal matches. 1114 was close behind them (ahead, ranking-wise), but lost in Q11 against two strong robots in 2056 and 188.

341 tied Q54 at Hatboro-Horsham 40-40, but didn’t lose at that district. They dropped 2 matches (Q12 and Q66) at Chestnut Hill, though were still the number 1 seed due to coopertition points. In both cases 1218 was close behind them.

Team 48 didn’t lose at Pittsburgh. Neither did 1714 at Lake Superior. 'Nuff said.

Team 1477 lost Q94 and F1 at Alamo, probably the most competitive event yet outside Canada with 6 one-loss teams and no team in the top 8 with more than 2 losses. Teams 118, 148, and 488 also only lost 1 match each and formed the backbones of some impressive elimination alliances that were incredibly fun and exciting to watch play.

1477 was then undefeated at Bayou and seeded in first place by a margin of 6 Ranking Points. 624 only lost Q9 at Bayou, the match with some of the worst communication issues for them, seeding second and partnering with 1477 to win the event.

67 lost Q35 at the Waterford District 28-24, otherwise winning in all of their matches.

Team 987 came home with a perfect record and a blue banner after their visit to Los Angeles.

As mentioned already, 1023 left Detroit without a single loss or tie, as well as an impressive average of 3 Ranking Points per match. 772 (again mentioned above) just tied Q50 on their way to a victory at the Smoky Mountains Regional.

Note that there were a LOT of single-loss teams out there, but these are my personal “highlight reel” teams.

To add to that list, at Fingerlakes, 1507 lost only one qualification match and one elimination match, and were ahead of the second seed by 8QP. They’re going to be quite a force at Champs this year.

I can name a few hundred teams, mine included, who haven’t lost a single match this year! Though for the record, they haven’t played any matches either. :stuck_out_tongue:

That comes to my question: What is defined as “undefeated”? Do ties count? One team at SAC only showed up to one match and won it, so does that count as undefeated?

We Team829 were 11-0-1 in qualifications at Boilermaker but we wont talk about eliminations, it hurts too much. I still can’t bring myself to watch the Sat afternoon video.

My guess is we would define it exactly as it sounds: Not defeated. As in, a team (whose alliance) never saw a defeat. If that team you mentioned only showed up to one match, won, but their alliance lost at least one of the matches they no-showed, I don’t think they’d count as undefeated. Even if they never actually saw a defeat on the field, records aren’t recorded on a team-by-team basis, but by alliance.

That’s how I would call it, anyway.

That oversight is mostly a byproduct of the stream of FLR being fairly buggy for me :smiley: . From what I have seen and heard since, they built quite the machine this year.

Code Orange 3476 got 13-2-1 and were undefeated in the finals.:smiley:

PFT. We were ONE basket away from ruining that.

Great match though–I really enjoyed that one.

HAHA you sure were! I thought we lost that one! :slight_smile:

Not to complain too much, as I am sure this is the case for many of the “close” to un-defeated teams…but, this loss was definitely attributed to dedicating to balancing the Coopertition bridge every match.

67 has yet to play a Qualification match to exclusively “win” the match yet this year. And, I doubt we ever will.

The following teams went undefeated and untied in qualifications:
3528, 716, 1714, 2052, 48, 1671, 987, 1477, 1895, 2168, 1230, 1023

The following teams went undefeated, but had a tie or DQ in qualifications:
772, 85, 341, 2056, 829

Of the teams that went undefeated in qualifications, 8 of them were undefeated in eliminations:
772, 85, 341, 1714, 48, 987, 1477, 1023

Of the teams that went undefeated and untied in qualifications, 5 of them were also undefeated and untied in eliminations:
1714, 48, 987, 1477, 1023

There are five undefeated teams remaining. Others have had undefeated events, but have had losses at another event. All five of the undefeated teams have only competed once.

1023: 18-0-0
48: 16-0-0
1714: 15-0-0
987: 15-0-0
772: 14-0-1

469 (34-2-0) has the most victories of any team. 341 (33-2-1) and 1218 (33-3) are right behind them.

Wow! I’m impressed at how many teams are undefeated! I’m sure there are many more that came close and lost only one or two matches. With the last few weeks of district/regional competitions coming up it will be hard to stay undefeated.

As for ties, I think that teams that have won/tied all their matches should also be recognized. It takes a ton of hard work and solid aliance partners to stay undefeated and tying is still impressive.

Thanks again to our alliance partners in the eliminations, 469 and 3175 for helping us win!

without eliminations our record is 20-2-2 its close to undefeated…

I am also Impressed! :smiley:
Our next competition is against the two Canadian powerhouses (2056 and 1114), and another Canadian great 188. It sure will be hard to stay undefeated but i would love to continue being undefeated! We also play another undefeated team (48) in Queen City in week 6. Can’t wait to see how that competition plays out! :smiley:

Good luck to all teams in the next few weeks as we head into the second half of Regionals :smiley:

We play against 48 on Saturday morning, so at least one of us wont remain undefeated.

OR! you can tie :wink: and then yo both stay undefeated!?

Update, 1507 went undefeated at Buckeye! 16-0 :slight_smile: