Undefeated teams????

Were there any teams are regionals that went undefeated in all of their QM’s??? If so please post, I’d love to see what other designs worked well.

i think 16, baxter bomb squad was undefeated.

team 111 at Moto Midwest was 9-0. There was a 10-0 by team 496 at long Island at one of the regionals… Also a few 10-1’s and Team 108 was 8-1 at Moto Midwest (lost first match, won next 8)

ther’s probably more like this.

check out : www.soap108.com/2002/events/cmp/seeding.cfm


Team 180 was 14 - 1 at KSC counting eliminations. BTW that one was the last seeding round which we lost because I got too greedy for points and made some bad coaching calls. Oh well…

James Jones
Team 180 SPAM

team #271 went 7-1 at UTC. the one match we lost was because our grabber feel out. we were also going against the aztecs and another high seeded team. the score was 45-48, we lost by 3 balls.

If you include Elimination matches, Team 007 and Firestorm 4 went 16 and 1 at Johnson and Johnson. (I think we were 7 and 1 in QM’s)