Undeploying code. NEED HELP

I have been able to download the Simple Template code on to the cRIO and was able to make a motor run and everything, but when I went to take that code off and put on gyroscope code it would not allow me to undeploy it and WindRiver said “unable to delete UserProgram from the robot”. Any new code that I try to download to the cRIO is ignored. What do I do?

Also, how do you print a variable value to the terminal window (for testing purposes) in the C++? Is it with the “PrintF” function? Thank you very much.

Not sure how to help with the first program.
make sure your connected to the cRIO in the “remote Systems” panel.

as for the variables. there are a few ways to do it i think
i use
printf(" Int: %d Float: %f ",myIntVariable, myFloatVariable);
which replaces the %d and %f with an int and a float varriable.

i think you might be able to use the cout<< stream too.
which would look like
cout <<"int: "<<myIntVariavle<<"Float: "<<myFloatVariable;

Make sure you change the file that you are uploading to the cRIO through the settings. If you don’t manually change it then every time you download code onto it it will look like it hasn’t changed.

Thank you both very much.