Under or Over Weight?

So, we’re at the t minus 2 day mark and I was wondering if you are under or over weight. We are, guess what, underweight, and by a lot. Many parts of our bot got cut out due to technical problems, so we are working on adding more weight. :slight_smile:

So, what about you?

At last count the Bobcat was fully functional (as long as it didn’t burst into flames after I left the scrimmage) and well underweight, coming in at only about 100 lbs. We will be making a few mods and adding plenty of armor before Tuesday. I expect us to ship at between 120 and 130.


wheres the “not sure yet” option?

Our robot was originally going to be light (I’m talking like under 75 lbs.) but we’ve kept adding weight to our high speed drive-train. Our robot is now around 115 and is still plenty under the weight limit, but our robot is significantly slowed down.

As of yesterday, we were at 145lbs. We shaved off around 8 today, dropping us to 137, but we still have a LOT of holes to drill and stuff to rip out. I quite literally melted three drill bits today trying to get our weight down. Next on the list of things to get “lightening holes”: the battery! :D:confused::ahh:

We are waaaaaaaay underweight this year…too bad they dont have the “featherweight in the finals” award anymore…:yikes:

Well, for the Featherweight in the finals, we probably where the reason they stop doing it. Our engineering place is AFL which is a subsidiary of Alcoa (Aluminum) so we where always lite. Two years in a row we took it, so i guess they just stopped it…

And for us this year, we should hover the 126 mark… :smiley:

I don’t understand how, but we are quite underweight. :cool:

Somehow our robot this year was 95 lbs. Its nice actually having to ADD weight.

Well, we weighed in VERY early this morning, and found that we were about 137.6 lbs. In result we have sacrificed our elegant variable speed drive, and had to switch back to the old fashioned shifting.

Don’t know what to say, we added 12lbs to get to 129lbs

i have no idea how we are under weight but we are about 10lbs under and we are now just adding armor to add weight to the robot.

Lets just say Team 384 was joking today about attaching a flame thrower, fiberoptics, and a huge aluminium logo with painted lexan behind it to our bot. That’s how underweight we are. We are currently standing at around 91lbs.

oh my…my team had to take off about 20-30 pounds…I guess aluminum kinda gets a little heavy after a while…time to move on to the titanium parts…:wink:

as of saturday we were 147 pounds…ekkk…80/20 isnt that light…but today i think we got to 129 and had not finished turckey beasts diet…so hopefully when we weigh in tomorrow we will be well under (we used a stupid scale today to messure) the lab witht the good scale was closed today because of all the snow, and the columbus state popo wouldnt let us into the build…BLAH!!! i guess we will find out tomorrow how things weight up!! hhaha


“It will be close.”


We are under 100 pounds!!!

Right now we are at 122. We will probably add the extra eight pounds with a cooling system for our drill motors and a wire mesh on our box-killer arm so we don’t get caught in the boxes again.

We guesstimated that the robot would be between 92 and 100 lbs about a week ago. We weighed everything yesterday and came up with 112. Today we changed the cover, altered some things, and came up to 120. Eh… I still want lead weights…

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**oh my…my team had to take off about 20-30 pounds…I guess aluminum kinda gets a little heavy after a while…time to move on to the titanium parts…:wink: **

I hope that was a joke because titanium is considered an “exotic material” and is not allowed on robots this year.